Sunday, November 7, 2010

How I wore it: Sunday socializing

So after a very fun Saturday of seeing movies and friends, my husband and I had someone over for dinner tonight. The guest was a dear friend of mine from college/grad. school (he did the same thing that I did and continued at the same place for graduate school after college) who is now in the Boston area also. I haven't seen him in a good five years, I don't think. Anyway, as he knew me in my younger and slightly wilder days, I didn't want to get all poshed up in a dress, but I dearly wanted to wear my Fluevog boots, as I'd been maligning them recently. I was unsure as to how to make this combination work, though, but after just a few minutes of thinking, I remembered that I had a great model for combining unusually colorful boots with pants: I think that La Historiadora de Moda rocks her (ah-mazing) Fluevogs with cuffed jeans (and the second picture from that entry is one of my favorites of her of all time). So I worked with that...

Although my jeans aren't as cuffed, I like that the shoes are still the focal point of the outfit. I mean, look! Yellow shoes! They're right there! I definitely don't think I would've even thought to put together these elements into an outfit, say, a couple of years ago, but thanks to the blogging community, I have a lot more confidence in pairing things that please my eye, but that may not seem to go together at first thought.

As mentioned, though, I really liked that I was dressed so basically, but with an unexpected pop of color that kind of upped the fanciness without me looking as if I tried too hard for what was just a nice evening at home with home-cooked pastitsio, lots of red wine, and gluten-free chocolate-chip cookies. Mmmm... Having heels (which is rare for me) also made me feel more confident, shapely, and warrior-like, giving a big boost to my self-image, which had suffered a little from over-indulging this past weekend.

Side note: I've owned those cuffed jeans since 2003, my senior year of college. I lost some weight and a dress size between my junior and senior years of college and because of that, my older clothes were quite a bit big on me (I also tended to prefer a looser silhouette). My boyfriend at the time really wanted me to buy pants that were more flattering, not flared, and of a lower rise, which was all the rage at that time, so I ended up going shopping with a good friend at Express. I fell in love with these jeans and, to my eternal amusement, saw that they were rung up as "novelty denim" at the register. What's so novel about striped jeans with little flowers at the hem?! [Sorry for not having a detail shot: next time!] Heeeeeee... novelty denim...

Anyway, it was a nice end to a nice weekend, although...and I'm gonna be honest - it was a relief to unzip those boots and take 'em off my legs. Sorry John...I think my heart still belongs to Frye!

Your boots are still damn cute, though.

Black top: Tony's, a boutique in Old City Philly, remixed
"Novelty denim:" Express
Yellow boots: John Fluevog, Operetta Mirellas


  1. I would love to have pastistio served to me by someone wearing golden Fluevogs. In fact, were I to rewrite Homer, there would be an episode with that in there.

  2. Hahahahaha! Maybe in the lesser known recensions?