Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How I wore it: boots in love

People, I'm so tired and it's just 9:30 at night. And before I go to bed, I have to finish making a gluten-free dessert for my family Thanksgiving tomorrow (we're going to my brother's), as well as a GF stuffing that I stupidly offered to make. I might fob that one off on my husband. Hmmm...

Anyways, today I had my Spanish tutoring gig, shifted a day, again, but this time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Since the weather was sunny (and FREEZING - yesterday I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts for my outdoor run! Today I needed gloves for just walking home from the subway station!), I decided to wear my beloved grey Fryes out again to honor their return to their rightful place in my closet:

The newly-placed soles are leather. And really slippery. Hence my clumsy Elvis pose.

People, I think these boots are the reason I bought leggings. I got to wear pretty much my favorite color palette and just felt very me. Fun times. Now that I'm getting more and more into wearing leggings (the shame, the SHAME!), I'm very much enjoying the proportions of skin-tight "pants"+boots+voluminous top. Yeah-hah! 

And now for a Very Special Message. My husband is a BOSS, people. Yesterday I went on Zappos in order to check on "my" Frye red boots that I want for Christmas. They were sold out in my size. I gasped and went straight to, where I bought my grey Fryes, above. They still had my size, but one pair left! The Frye site also has the boots (and throughout the holidays has free standard ground shipping! So, um, go get on that!), but I started freaking out. So I asked my husband what to do with big eyes (and maybe some fluttering lashes). That wonderful Greek, my friends, offered to order the boots IMMEDIATELY so that I'd be sure to have them for Christmas. So we went back to endless [I preferred them to the Frye site because their return shipping is also free, JUST IN CASE] and ordered my Christmas gift. And, um...

They. Are. Amazing. [MOTHERF*CKER, OW! I burned my thumb on the oven rack when removing a cookie sheet. I'm such a klutz - I've been baking successfully for over twenty years and never hurt myself. OW. Sorry. Back to boots.] AMAZING, people. I tried them on to make sure they're the right size and I almost fell to the floor weeping with joy. They're COMFY, people! Like a tall, sexy, red cloud! I cannot wait to wear them. But it'll have to wait till Christmas, because I put 'em back in their box and hid them in the second bedroom closet so that I won't touch them again for another month. And day. Grrr. 

But my husband is a prince, y'all. He refused to even consider paying for some of them as a gift. He insisted on buying the whole shebang. He's gonna get such a great gift from me that it's not even funny. Any suggestions? Anyway, I just keep on being reminded how lucky I am to have someone who so indulges my debilitating boot habit. 

(And I think he's starting to get the picture. While I was tromping around the house wearing one grey boot and one red, he looked at the new boot and exclaimed, "Wow, those are really an investment!" He's a fashionista!)

Striped cardigan: Banana Republic, remixed
Striped tunic: American Apparel, remixed
Black leggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylors, remixed
Grey boots: Frye, by way of, remixed


  1. Now if you can just give me your address...? Holy crap! Those boots are fantastic, and I'm ever so jealous of your amazing present.

  2. Second bedroom closet, eh? Now I just need your address and a schedule of when you think you'll be out of the house.

    What a sweet hubby and a wonderful present - I can't wait to see the first outfit you wear with them!

  3. Like you guys are even going to want to touch the box after you see the drool marks that will no doubt be on it after a month of not letting myself open it...