Friday, November 12, 2010

How I wore it: inadvertent vacation

So my new favorite picture-taking place has been invaded, forcing me to take refuge in my living room in front of my bedroom door again. BOOO. You know why?

Cuz we got a piano! It arrived yesterday afternoon and my husband is in love. I might continue to take more pictures perched precariously (I love alliteration) on the piano bench just to remind you all of the day I used to take pictures on my desk in my old apartment. Ahh, good times.

So, today's outfit. I've been wanting to put these boots together with the new black leggings since I bought the new black leggings because a) I love these boots and, because they're tall-ish, I thought they'd look kick-ass with the leggings, and b) I LOVE the combo of black + caramel leather. Done and done. I did like how the boots looked with the leggings, but, since I was wearing a long shirt rather than an actual tunic, I felt a little more...pantsless than I did the last time I wore leggings. That said, though, I was super-comfortable for the whole day and night.

And what a nice day it was, too. Because I have to take a forced, almost guilt-free break from dissertation-writing - what with my computer being in the hospital and all - I took the day with a lot of leisure: I went for a run, yes... but at 11 AM (as opposed to yesterday's 7:30 AM jog). I made some important health-care phone calls I needed to make; I took a nice walk in the neighborhood; I went to one of my new favorite bookstores and bought a novel on sale; I had my best friend from last year's job over with her husband for gluten-free pizza at our place - a lovely day. It was also lovely objectively, with temperatures hovering in the high 50s. Autumn is not really up there on the "seasons I love" list, but today was the perfect fall day: warm sun, blue skies, crunch leaves, and a slight bite to the air. While I constantly bitch and moan about "having" to live in New England, there was really no place else I wanted to be this afternoon while kicking through some leaves and getting to know Somerville. Bliss.

Oh, and I had to send another prized possession to the "hospital" today, too. My beloved grey Frye boots (you know, my favorites?) developed a hole in the sole, on the left one. So I looked up good shoe repairs on the internet and found one on Davis Square that everyone swore by. I took my babies to him today and he promised to have them safe and sound for me in twelve days. It was a wrench to leave them in the store, let me tell you, but I did appreciate that the guy took one look at them and said, "Frye? The BEST!" 

You have no idea, mister. You have no idea. 

Black shirt: From Tony's, a boutique in Old City Philadelphia, remixed
Black leggings: Hue, by way of Lord and Taylor, remixed
Boots: Steve by Steve Madden, remixed


  1. Mr. Savas is the best! He does great work and takes the time to explain things, even in the rare case where he cannot repair something. He can be a gruff, but is actually very friendly, particularly once he gets to know you.

    I always forget he only takes cash...fortunately he's only a hop skip from any number of ATMs.

    PS: Congrats on the piano. I'm jealous.

  2. He IS awesome! I feel like my boots are in good hands with him - he obviously knows what he's doing and I'm even letting him "rubberize" the heel of the boot so it'll be less slippery. I'm hoping to become a loyal customer...

    And thanks for the kind words on the piano. My husband is pretty psyched.