Monday, November 8, 2010

Boots fantasy wishlist

So in honor of today's weather, which was rainy and cool in the Boston area, and of my kind of crappy and unproductive day (I ended up going unexpectedly to the doctor's to see why my skin is all of a sudden FREAKING OUT), I thought I'd share with you the things - specifically boots - I would buy if I had unlimited funds. In order from least favorite ("I'd like these as a gift!") to favorite (*SNORT*droooooool), here goes.

First off, we have these, from Fluevog:

These are the Radio RTP in purple. I first noticed them when I went fantasy Fluevog-shopping back in August, but after falling in love with my eventually-purchased yellow babies, I discarded these gorgeous violet guys. I also figured that, hey, I already have blue motorcycle-esque boots, so purple would just be overkill, yet...everytime I go on the site, my eye always falls on these. They're super cool, no? When I was dithering over the yellows and had to go back to the store to see if the bigger size fit me, I thought about trying these on, but I didn't and now I kind of regret that. I think these would probably be more comfortable for me (and cheaper, at $285!). Anyways, while I really like these boots, there are still more. STILL MORE!

Oh, hello:

These are also Fluevogs, the Earl of Warwicks Lancaster in petrol blue. I honestly don't know why I'm so attracted to these booties, but I can't stop checking them out. And at $249, they're dangerously in the "Well, I can technically afford these, even though I know I shouldn't" category. In theory I'm not a big fan of ankle boots, but I've noticed that I really wear my grey booties a lot, so I know how versatile ankle boots can really be with pants or skirts, and I like that these unisex booties are a little rough and tumble. Me-ow. 

And then we have the boots that I check up on periodically, just to see how they're doing:

Oh my God, Frye, marry me now. These are Frye boots, the Shirley over the knee riding boot in burnt red leather. People, I think I would do vile, unspeakable things for a chance at owning these boots. Because at $448, I'm not exactly racing to slap down my credit card for them, y'know? But at the same time, LOOK AT THEM! That color! That shape! That height! Other advantage? I already own two pairs of Fryes and I heart them wholeheartedly, as opposed to my ambivalent feelings toward my Fluevogs. I have daydreams over what I would wear with these boots (think of it: a long black shirt, black leggings, and over-the-knee red boots! Did you just drool a little? I know I did.)'s sort of getting to the dangerous "I WANT THESE!" level. The kicker of it all? A certain tall, bearded, Greek bird told me that he would consider helping me pay for these as a Christmas present. So tune in on December 26th, people, because I might be wearing these (AND NEVER TAKING THEM OFF). 

Plus, isn't 10 a nice, round number for number of boots? 

Look, a debilitating drug habit would be way worse than a debilitating expensive boot habit, so stop judging me. 


Anyway, what I noticed in looking at these different pairs of boots is how different the aesthetics all are here. And sometimes I wonder what exactly catches our eye when we're (fantasy) shopping: is it the image of us as we are or the image of us as we want to be perceived by others? I mean, all of these boots are different heights and different colors and different styles, so I wonder if they're all facets of my personality or if any of them are the "real" me and the others the me I want to be. I can't tell you the answer to this question, since I don't really know. I mean, I know that I've taken more risks in my own clothing choices in the past few years and that having fun shoes/boots really helps with that, but I don't even know if any of these screams me or if none of them do. Hmmm... 


  1. I like a red boot! Especially one that looks pirate-y.

  2. Arrrgh! I know! I could also practice my swashbuckling in these boots!

    (I love your jewelry, by the way)

  3. You raise a good question about projected identity - what's an accurate reflection versus a kind of costume. It's really a blurry line. I realized yesterday that I often dress like a dancer. I used to take classes, perform, and go out dancing for fun, but I never considered myself a dancer at all, just a recreational one if anything. I love leotards and tights and swishy ballroom skirts, though, so a lot of my clothing mimics those shapes, and it makes me feel very my office job. Er...bleh. Sometimes I wonder if any of my clothing is REALLY me, or if, as I've been immersed in fashion blogs for the last couple of years, I'm on a long experiment. Though clothing has the power to project my second skin identity, chosen or existing, I think sometimes it can overwhelm me...and I guess part of it is just needing to know myself really well in the first place.

    All to say, that's a good, deep question!

  4. Angela, you also raise great points! I mean, in theory, our style should just be whatever the hell we want, right? Like, if I like a sweater, isn't that, then, "my" style? I mean, if I decide to dress like a New York glamazon or something, who's to say that that isn't MY style? Could it even be the case that what is considered "our" style is something projected onto us by our audience?

    Or am I overthinking? :-)

  5. Those Fryes are gorgeous, and I would do some vile things for them as well....

    What size are you? Perhaps we could set up a communal system of boot ownership...?