Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How I wore it: computer blues

Today I found myself, alas, leaving the house unexpectedly again. My computer started displaying some of the alarming things it started doing over the summer, so I took it to get it looked at. Nothing seems to be wrong with it as of yet, but I might get it shipped off to have a deep-cleanse rehauling. Anyway, I must be some sort of masochist, because I decided that rainy, gross weather merited a skirt:

Oh, and lots of blue! I knew I was gonna have to wear my blue boots, and I decided to pair them with my blue tights. I originally had planned to wear a dark brown turtleneck with this outfit, but it was too short (remember: this skirt is very loose and I like being able to yank down a shirt's hem while wearing it), so I decided to just give it all up and wear the exact same shirt I wore less than a week ago. I, um, wasn't planning on remixing so quickly, but it just happened. I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed this whimsical little look. Blue is by no means a favorite color of mine, but I thought it was fun to have an all-blue palette with just the neutral beige of the skirt to give the eye a rest.

Well, let's hope that tomorrow I can get back to "normal" productivity and can spend the day not getting rained on!

Navy shirt: was father's from the 70s, remixed
Beige skirt, Gap outlet, remixed
Blue tights: Gap, remixed
Blue boots: Frye Veronica slouches, via Zappos, remixed


  1. Oh my. I love blue in general, but you've found the perfect outfit for it--and I heart the buttons on your father's shirt and your frye boots. Might need to put some more on my Christmas list.

  2. Thanks! My Christmas list is a little embarrassing. "I JUST WANT MORE BOOTS!"