Friday, August 27, 2010

My new shopping plan

Remember how I've mentioned wanting an obi and/or wrap belt before? So the other day, Sal had a giveaway. She was giving away a leather belt from Elizabeth Kelly. I signed up. Guess what?! I won! I don't really win things often. So you can imagine my delight when I read the news on Sally's site. I WON! All I had to do was pick my belt color. That was kind of a no-brainer:

image from the Elizabeth Kelly shop on Etsy)

Well, guess what arrived today? After going through an agonizing run, I came home, sweaty, disheveled, and packed with bags from CVS...and there was a Royal Mail box sitting waiting for me by the mailboxes. I think I squealed and giggled simultaneously.

Here's what was waiting for me:

How adorable is the little leather heart that comes with the personalized card? The other side of the card is quite lovely, too:

 Now I'm still a virgin at wrapping belts, so my attempt hasn't been that great yet, but I'm thrilled with the product! I even changed into my favorite summer dress to try it out:

Cute. Check out that shoddy-ass tying, though. I need to improve my style. Let's take a close-up.

Embarrassing. But how cute is the belt? I cannot wait to explore how it will improve my life in many ways in the near future. I'm mentally going through all my clothes as we speak in order to figure out when to wear it for the first time.

Long story short: the belt is beautiful and the leather is super high-quality. And gorgeous. I'm so unbelievably grateful to Sally for this giveaway and to Jo at the Elizabeth Kelly shop. I can't wait to show this puppy off in the wild streets of Boston...

Also, this is the way I want to "buy" clothes forever - just win 'em randomly on internet giveaways...who's with me?

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