Saturday, August 21, 2010

A paean to my summer bag

So y'all have seen the pretty leather bags I bought in Athens this summer. I wore the pink one out and about quite often, but not the grey one: I'm saving that for the States. However, what about my everyday bag? The one that I used every single day last summer, for three straight months, and then used almost every day again for six weeks this summer?

Here it is:

Not bad, eh? Especially for being free! Yup, I got a coupon from DSW offering me a free handbag with purchase. I went for it and here it is! It's not exactly noteworthy, but I figured it was free and it would work for the summer.

How right I was. I love the simplicity of the tobacco leather with the off-white linen. It really does go with every single summer outfit. It's also deceptively roomy, fitting in my usual purse necessities (Filofax, cell phone, make-up case, wallet, odds and ends), as well as my camera for sightseeing. I left it in Greece last August and I will do the same thing tomorrow morning. It's a nice little bag to come "home" to and it's especially fun to clean out the débris each time I return to Athens (metro tickets, etc.).

Godspeed, free DSW purse -- and see y'all on the other side!

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