Friday, August 20, 2010

How I wore it: upping the ante

So I saw my matching shoes and jewelry and raised you a matching skirt, jewelry, and shoes! Take that!


After a lovely day at the beach and working on my dissertation, my husband and I had dinner with his entire family: parents, sister, aunt and uncle, cousin, and cousin's fiancée. We're leaving for New York in slightly over 24 hours and it was a chance to say good-bye. My aunt-in-law (also my godmother, who gifted me the above skirt over a year ago) took the opportunity to give me a good-bye/birthday/name-day gift:

A new watch! I've had the same watch for over a decade and it goes with everything, but this summer I started dithering about maybe getting a new one. My cousin-in-law has the exact same one as the one shown above and her mother noticed when I asked her wistfully where she'd gotten hers. A month later and I own my very own Esprit watch. Yay! I don't think I'll have it for everyday use, but definitely when I'm a little over my stainless steel Fossil or when I'm in more of a party mode. It will be fun trying to style it, but it's the first time I've owned two watches at once and it'll probably make my anal-retentive brain explode...

Black tube top: Express, remixed
Turquoise skirt: gift from my godmother, from a boutique in Piraeus, remixed
Turquoise sandals: Nine West Athens, remixed
Turquoise pendant: Macy's, remixed

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