Monday, August 9, 2010

Bad Ass Boots Conference: SQUEEEEE!

Greetings from sunny and warm Sparta, from which my husband's father's family hails. And, yeah, we do yell "THIS IS SPARTAAAA" a lot in my household. It's like, "Honey, you're out of hot water in the bathroom." "THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!!" "Great, can we go back to Athens soon?"

(I kid. I'm just a really big city slicker and living in a village is odd for me.)

Anyways, wow, sorry for that opening and can you tell I that I'm a little starved for company? Get yourselves over to the Fashionable Academics quickly! They had a call for papers weeks ago for us to show boot love in wearing our favorite boots over the summer. Made for me, right? WRONG. The call for papers was issued a few days after my last wearing of boots, back in Hamburg. I was sure that the fickle Hamburger weather would make for a lot of opportunities to wear my beloved Fryes again, but as it turned out, it was hot as Hades there for the rest of the summer, and don't even think about it in Greece. But I still submitted my own 'paper' and I'm featured!

[I'll admit that when La Historiadora de la Moda e-mailed me back personally to acknowledge my submission, I had a bit of a freak-out moment. She knows who I am!!!]

So, yes. All this verbal drooling is to send you to check out bad ass ladies fiercer than I (and me!) wearing boots. In the summer. Because we can.

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