Thursday, August 19, 2010

New jewelry update #2


So something pretty awesome and fashion-related happened to me this week, but I've decided not to let "y'all" know until it becomes definitive. Oooh! Secrets! Anyway, after spending a day melting in the debilitating heat (you guys, why didn't anyone tell me that blunt bangs aren't that feasible in 100-degree weather?), my husband and I went out for drinks in Piraeus. I decided to début my name day gifts from him: behold!

I love this set. My husband has a wonderful eye for picking out unusual pieces that wouldn't be my automatic choices but that somehow are exactly me. He's been good at this since 2006. I decided to wear the pieces with my striped maxi dress and I loved the way the whole thing worked out. One detail I especially love is the necklace made up of cords of different hues of blue. I think it's the perfect complement to the unusual pendant.

Well played, Mr. Boots, well played.

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