Sunday, August 15, 2010

How I wore it: Assumption Day (...huh?)

Happy Assumption Day!

So here in Greece, August 15th is a big deal, even nicknamed "the Easter of the summer." It's a holy day with regards to the Virgin Mary and it happens to be my mother-in-law's name day. It's also, technically, mine, since I chose a Virgin Mary-related name at my baptism last year. Now despite my apathy toward the public aspects of organized religion (for me personally) and my ambivalence toward the Greek Orthodox Church (of which, technically, I'm a member), I like feast days. We've been "fasting" for the past week, avoiding meat and dairy products (we did that before Easter, too) and today we went back to meat and, miracle of miracles, cheese! We also went to church, which in Nowheresville, Laconia, is kind of terrifyingly exciting. But, as I said, I like big feast days: I get to dress up pretty, sling on my cross, wear contacts, and, if I so choose, smile politely to old Greek ladies (the demographic which most frightens me).

So here's my church outfit:

(not the actual church we went to)

As you see, I'm trying pattern-mixing here. I wanted to wear this black and white dress very badly, but, as it's strapless, I was nervous about showing too much skin at church. So I decided to wear my turquoise scarf as a shawl and match it to my new sandals. I thought it was a success. This is what the dress looks like without the shawl:

(both photos above taken by my charming husband, for once!)

I bought this dress in the spring of 2006, when my husband and I first started dating. I had a gift certificate for the Gap, so I went in, liked the dress, tried it on, and decided to buy it in about 10 minutes flat. It was my now-husband's and my first shopping excursion: I think he was a bit shell-shocked by how quickly the whole thing was over. He thought I'd linger more, I guess. I think I've said this before, but - despite my love of boots and style - I don't really like shopping. I like sneak attacks. Anyway, this dress: I don't wear it very often, as strapless makes me nervous. In fact, I took it to Greece last summer and left it in Athens over the year. I'll do the same this time around. Life's too short to hike your dress up over your bra every few minutes.

As it's my Greek name day, I got presents! My mom-in-law bought me these earrings as a birthday-cum-name day present and I LOVE them. I can't wait to wear them out, especially as they'd make a nice combination with my new flower ring:

I know, right?! 

Now I promise that this won't turn into Jewelry and Boots (although you can see that my love of jewelry is all-encompassing), but my husband gave me a name day present, too!

Cool, no? I can't wait to style this little necklace-and-earring set. I think they'll look very cool on a black palette or with my striped dress. We shall see. I'm gonna try to wear all of my new stuff before we leave for the States again in, sniff, one week. Alas.

(Although is it weird that I miss my grey Frye boots a lot?)

Happy Assumption Day, if that's your bag! Or if not, happy August 15th!

Black and white dress: Gap
Turquoise scarf: from Indian stall at Prudential Mall in Boston, remixed
Turquoise sandals: Nine West Athens, remixed

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