Saturday, August 14, 2010

How I wore it: 40 degrees Celsius!

So yesterday two good friends of ours came from Athens to Sparta to spend the day with us. We drove them around Sparta, showed them Sparta's "Acropolis" and had coffee at Mystra. As close to a perfect day as it gets here in Nowheresville, Laconia (I'm getting a little bitter and cranky about how much I miss Athens).

Anyway, remember how back in February I said that I never wear shorts in the summer? I lied. This summer I picked up a pair of my husband's old shorts that had been lying around his parents' house and have been wearing them around the apartment in Athens and, recently, in public in Sparta and its surrounding villages. I still don't think they're as flattering as a nice, knee-length skirt/dress, but wearing a dress just to sit in front of my computer and work on my dissertation seems a little...much. So yesterday, when our friends came over, some walking was promised, and it was super hot, I decided to just wear the shorts with pride.

And here's the (mondo-unflattering, but I was too lazy to take another one and, what the hell...) proof:

So here are the elements of my outfit: my husband's old shorts, cuffed for minimum coverage; my favorite black tube top (you've seen it many times, as a modesty top under the black dress that I wear at least twice a week. Every week.); my red sandals, just peeking out from the bottom of the picture (since I had them on for a while, in really really hot weather, I now have some cool bright red marks on my ankles); and my favorite polka-dotted bikini's top peeking out from under the tube top. I only wore the bikini top so that my shirt would look more like an old fashioned halter rather than a more revealing tube top. I thought it gave the whole look a more vintage vibe - I should've worn red lipstick for all-on pin-up pride.

In other news, I have so many goodies to show off, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow, which will be a big day for us (religious festival!). I also was happily offered a private tutoring job with a child from my old job, which makes me super-happy. As I've decided to not work full-time in order to focus on my dissertation, I want to make sure to have a sort of schedule that will force me to work. I know myself well, and if left to my own devices, sans schedule, I will wake up late-ish, dick around the internet till noon, go to the gym, shower, eat something, and settle down to 4 PM. On a good day. So I've resolved to get up every weekday at 7 AM, the way I did in grad. school even when I didn't have class, go running/to the gym, shower, get dressed, and start working. I think just putting on clothes that aren't PJs will mentally stimulate me into getting into "work mode." If I have one or two part-time jobs that will force me to leave my home, again, in actual clothes - and give me the chance not to always brood upon my dissertation - so much the better.

Let's hope it works...

Polka-dotted navy-blue bikini top [worn under top]: Gap
Black tube top: Express, remixed [stealthily!]
Khaki shorts: Perry Ellis, my husband's old
Red sandals: Tsakiris Mallas (?) from Athens, remixed

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