Monday, April 5, 2010

How I wore it: Easter Monday

I will admit that it was hard to go back to work today for everyone. My husband and I were exhausted after a weekend spent cooking and cleaning. All the Christian Orthodox students at my school were tired from all the church / eating / cooking / cleaning activities, including myself. I was not feeling it this morning, let me tell you. So what better time to bust out an outfit I'd been planning for over a week?

That grey sleeveless top is really a "dress" from American Apparel that I've almost always worn as a tunic over skinny jeans. I couldn't really think of any other way to wear it, but every once in a while, one of the Wardrobe_Remix ladies will wear a long top/dress under something else, as a layering piece, and I think, "Hmmm........." Right before spring break, I wore this very same "dress" underneath a rather high-waisted shorter grey wool skirt and I loved the look. I decided to replicate it with some brighter color and pulled out this skirt, which I've owned since I was twenty. I was more hesitant about this iteration of the outfit because my skirt is tighter than the other skirt, making it seem obvious to me when the tunic underneath was bunching up and adding unnecessary bulk to my waist and hips. My other problem was that, while I am quite proud of my feminine waist-to-hip ratio -- and tucking in often emphasizes that ratio -- I was self conscious about my bum and the fact that the skirt puckers weirdly at the belly area. See, this skirt has been with me through countless weight fluctuations and over the course of eight years, it has formed a rather strange phantom pot belly where my stomach is, making me look to have more of a pot belly than I do? See that outward crater there at my belly? Not really me.

The funny thing is that my husband loved the look while I was leaving the house and two different colleagues complimented my outfit today, as soon as they saw me, so I felt pretty confident about it all day.

Looking at my pictures tonight, though, I realize that I could've cinched my waist in a little more. Perhaps a nice contrasting belt (like a leather obi?) would've made me look a little more polished and emphasized my waist more while masking the tummy issues.

Of course, to celebrate the lovely weather and my bright skirt, I had to go with a bright shoe as well!

I really enjoyed the outfit today, I must admit. I felt pretty and young and more like myself than usual. Let's hope I have equal luck for the rest of the week (guys! I haven't chosen a Friday outfit yet!!!!)...

Grey top: American Apparel (dress)
Red Skirt: Dickie's, via a now-defunct [I think[ store in Philly called Guacamole
Nude stockings: L'eggs, via CVS
Red wedges: CL by Laundry, by way of DSW

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