Friday, June 25, 2010

How I wore it: Lonely Planet


Today the rash of good weather continues in Hamburg, as it is currently past 9:30 PM and sunny and breezy outside. It's quite lovely. I think I've calculated it perfectly so that I won't need an umbrella at least until my husband comes in from Greece, which is good, cuz I didn't pack one.

Today was a very lazy day, but I did have an over two-hour meeting with my advisor amidst all the lounging and MTV watching. Also, I won't see him again till Wednesday, so I thought I'd make a bit of an effort with my outfit. What better to put on my jet-lagged body than my favorite black dress?

The expression on my face is douchey, but I like the pose a lot. So I'm keeping it up there. What do you know? My main staple, a black dress, and boots? Crazy. At least I wore a scarf for visual interest. This outfit turned out to be perfect for the weather: it was warm and sunny, but breezy, and to get to my adviser's office, I have to walk a little by the enormous Alster lake, which added a bit more of a stiff breeze. I didn't need a jacket while walking, although I wouldn't have been overly warm with one, but I'm glad I wore boots and not sandals, and the scarf was a welcome covering.

I like to pack a nice silk scarf during summer vacations. I usually go with a cheap H&M one that's multicolored and matches almost everything, but I love this turquoise one so much (it's been featured here a few times before) that I thought I'd pack it for this trip and clashing be damned. I'm not sure if a pretty scarf really goes with tough boots, but I was very comfortable and felt pleasantly girlish and put-together and tough.

We'll see what the next few days will bring. I'm planning on going running tomorrow, my first real international jog (unless you count the time I went "running" in Sparta with my husband and after 1 km decided to pack it in and watch TV the rest of the day...), as well as working like a maniac on the corrections that my advisor recommended. I'm also hoping to explore Hamburg a little bit as well this weekend.

Bis später!

Turquoise scarf: From a scarf stall in the Prudential Mall, Boston, remixed
Black dress: Gap, remixed
Blue boots: Frye Veronica Slouch, by way of, remixed 

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