Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How I wore it: Tuesday, Tuesday

Man, I wish every week could start on Tuesday. Last night I slept like a baby. Tuesday is my easiest day at work. The sun was out. It was great. More three-day weekends, world, please!

That being said, I was so bummed to go back to work that I went in mourning:

HAHA! No. I just basically hadn't worn this skirt since the first time I blogged about it, over a month ago. And...I wore it almost the exact same way -- black v-neck t-shirt, check; glasses, check; green cardigan (not pictured here)? Sigh. Check. What can I say? Some pairings work well together for me.

I did, however, bust out my spring shoes. Polka dots! I last wore these shoes in early March as well, on my husband's and my four-year anniversary. I got these shoes years and years ago (no, really, in the summer of 2006) and I've worn them religiously since then on nice, warm-ish days. I've worn through the heel once (they're scary-comfy and have, literally, traipsed across Philadelphia a couple of times) and now the sole is dying. I think that I'll have to retire them during the move across town coming up.

Look how cute they are, though!

Isn't that darling? The sides are open. My job has rules about women wearing open toes and open-backed shoes, but they never said anything about open sides! I love the heel, the way it cups the foot from the front. I have to admit, I have a complicated history with polka dots: my mom loves them on anything and so naturally I'm predisposed to consciously hating them, but subconsciously I love them and I always go for polka-dot patterns. Great minds, y'know? One of my colleagues also noticed that they were "mixed media" shoes, what with the satin body and the patent leather trim:

Adorable. I'll be sad to see them go.

Anyway, here's a desk shot:

See that white speck under my right shoe? That's the sole wearing thin. It's time for them to go, in the immortal words of Al Gore (...anyone?)... God, I look so sullen.

Here's something better...

Uh, yeah. My face looks better, but when I sit at that angle, I look like a linebacker who can't keep his legs closed. Almost mid-action shots are amazing! Thanks, self-timer!

Stay tuned for a thrilling science experiment!

Black v-neck t-shirt: Gap, remixed
Black pencil skirt: Elie Tahari, by way of Saks Fifth Avenue, remixed
Black stockings: L'eggs, via CVS
Polka-dot shoes: Nine West, remixed

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