Monday, March 1, 2010

How I wore it: just another manic Monday

In slightly under two weeks, my spring break begins. And I'm quite excited about it. You wouldn't know it by today's outfit, though. I did decide to go a little fancy today: it's the first time I've been able to come home straight after work on a Monday since November [I had to proctor some after-school sports study hall twice a week during the winter sports season]! I needed to dress for the occasion:

Although it looks as if I'm wearing a simple black dress, I'm wearing a t-shirt and skirt that are almost the exact same shade of black. My tights are a bottle green, patterned, very cool. In a place where women's clothes are so obsessively monitored, many of us like to wear fun stockings.

I have a more detailed view that doesn't show my legs and shoes, but is slightly more photogenic and it's my blog, so here goes:

Of course, I had to have some sort of sweater. With bottle-green tights and emeralds on my cross, green was the obvious choice:

A green cardigan it is! Look how happy I look to be back home after the hardest day of the week!

Now the cool thing about my skirt is its back. It's a lovely long, lean, simple pencil skirt on its own, but it also happens to have the most awesome kick-pleat, which is like having your own little secret while wearing it.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get any pictures of me from the back, but here's the skirt (very wrinkled) lying on my bed:

Since the skirt is so spread out on my bed (and, again, so wrinkled), the kick-pleat is very stretched out and fanned out, not really showing its trim shape at its finest. Still, I like the little accent [see what I did there? It's my word!] of having just green accessories and a cool detail that you can only see when I'm walking away from you.

Black v-neck t-shirt: Gap
Black skirt: Elie Tahari, by way of Saks Fifth Avenue
Green patterned tights: Gap
Green cashmere cardigan: gift from my mother, from Lord and Taylor, I think
Black flats: Me Too, by way of DSW

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