Sunday, April 18, 2010

I love houses!

So I'm celebrating a lot of things this weekend, not the least of which is that I have a long weekend. Massachusetts celebrates something called 'Patriot's Day' and that's tomorrow and I don't have work and I'm super-psyched about it. It will be a bit of a busman's holiday, though, as you'll see if you tune in tomorrow. 

Other cool things on the agenda? Some wonderful contacts in Germany found me an apartment for my 18-day stint in Hamburg for dissertation work this summer. It's in a very cool neighborhood right in one of the hearts of the city, so I'm very excited about that. 

Oh, and the last thing -- MY HUSBAND AND I ARE HOMEOWNERS! We closed on our new condo on Thursday (I was, um, *too sick* to go to work) and went over to check it out. We'll be moving gradually over the next month. 

So yesterday we went over to the new place to take some clothes over and buy some necessary supplies, such as toilet paper and trash bags and whatnot. Unfortunately, despite some nice-ish spring-esque weather we've been having (the weather hasn't been exactly mid-April-like yet), Friday, yesterday, and today are raw, cold, and rainy. So I had to dress for lugging suitcases and rainshowers.

Not feeling it, am I? This was after hours spent in the windy rain, buying supplies and food and dragging suitcases around the T. However, I'd worn dark colors throughout much of the week, so I really wanted to brighten it up a little. You've seen some elements of this outfit before, such as the tunic and boots. But I haven't yet featured these jeans yet. Meet my grey jeans:

These are, bar none, my favorite article of clothing that I own [not counting boots, of course]. I bought them from Urban Outfitters about two years ago and they were the first pair of skinny jeans I ever owned. Unlike some other jeans I've bought there, these are extremely thick and sturdy and can take a lot of action. It's only recently that I've started noting some subtle signs of wear and tear, which makes me heartbroken. I'll hold out on retiring them for as long as decency allows. I don't think any replacement pair will be as awesome as these. I love their color: light grey -- a wonderful color for jeans. They can be worn with any color shoes and any color top. This is actually the first time I've worn them with the blue boots, which I tend to wear with dark boots so as not to be too overwhelming with blue shoes. But I liked the contrast yesterday of royal blue with light grey. The only thing I have issue with is that they've stretched a bit since I first bought them and they threaten to literally fall off me when I walk up stairs or bend over. I took them on my first trip to Hamburg, where I lost so much weight (I wasn't eating much for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which was that I was living in a completely residential neighborhood that had almost no food stores, so my grocery shopping had to be strategic) that these jeans almost fell off my ass while I was sitting in the subway. It was an interesting hitch when I stood up again: I think I permanently scarred a German businessman. Anyways, because they ride so low, they create a classic muffin top, which is... upsetting.

Oh, well! I own a house!

Tunic: American Apparel, remixed
Grey jeans: Bulldog by Urban Outfitters
Blue boots: Frye Veronica Slouches, via, remixed

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