Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Union of the Snake

I feel as if my weekend just flew by. I didn't even have time to take pictures! Amazing! I did snatch a moment or two last night after a long, but nice, day of hanging out with cousins-in-law. I was revisiting my stockings/boots grellow combination, but with winter shorts. Behold!

And, if you want to see me awkwardly perching on my desk with a quarter of my head chopped off, well, it's your lucky day!

Those are some bright-ass tights.

So, as you may have realized, I get kind of obsessed with things from time to time. Recently, it's been snake rings. While I don't shriek and run every time I see a snake on TV or at the zoo (like, say, hypothetically, my husband), I wouldn't like to be confronted with a wild snake. But I do like them. I think they're cool animals. I read The Jungle Book a little too much as a small child. And as a half-Chilean kid, I grew up playing with wooden snakes, all named after Kipling/Indian snakes: Krait, Nag, Nagaina, and Kaa. Anyway, snakes = cool in my book. 

I recently started getting into snake jewelry and, of course, these animals lend themselves really well to ring form. And I really want one. I was scouring the internet and here are some conclusions of rings I like, in order of least-favorite to favorite. 

This ring is from Etsy, from the vendor beyondtherockz [photo from the shop site]. I think the ring is lovely, but I have neither the desire nor the funds to buy a ring with a real diamond in it. I already have my beloved engagement ring. I'm set for diamond rings. I think, though, that the ring is a beautiful showcase for a marquis-cut diamond.

This ring is also from Etsy, from vendor AnomalyJewelry [photo from vendor's site]. It's sterling silver with the eyes made of Swarovski crystals. The more I look at this ring, the more I like it. It's pretty groovy, no? And for $60 dollars, the price isn't too bad, either.  

The next ring is from Lalaounis and I've linked to it: a golden snake ring! Could life get any better? I think not! I obviously don't know the price, but being made of gold and having the detail that it does, and being from the Lalaounis store, I'm not guessing that it's so much in my budget. It's gorgeous, though, no? I don't wear much gold -- well, I wear gold, but not as often as silver and/or platinum, so I'd have to make more of a conscious choice to wear a bright gold snake ring.

This ring, by Jules Kim, is my absolute favorite snake ring that I've found [photo from Denimology]. It's a three-finger ring of, I believe, black gold. [Despite what I've said about yellow gold, its yellow gold counterpart is HAMAZING] Isn't that amazing? I'd love to wear that. Last Friday was a grey, dull day and that would've added so much pizzazz to my dull green and silver-based outfit. Too bad I can't find it for sale anywhere yet: I haven't done much searching yet, but once I find it, it shall be mine

Sigh. Pretty rings. My animal love in life is actually the walrus, but they don't lend themselves as sinuously to jewelry as snakes do. What about y'all? What kind of animals do you like seeing represented in jewel form?

Charcoal sweater: Gap, remixed
Black tank top: H & M
Tweed shorts: Gap, remixed
Yellow tights: Gap, remixed
Grey boots: Frye Paige Huaraches, via, remixed

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