Monday, April 19, 2010

How I wore it: busman's holiday

So although I had the day off for the Boston marathon Patriots Day, I still had to "work," in a sense. My husband, who is teaching a course on Modernism, asked me to guest lecture his class and talk about some literature. So off I went on my day off to speak about some of my favorite writers, Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot. Although I try not to wear dresses during my days off, especially "good" dresses that I might wear to work (and plan to again, this week), I didn't want to look too schlumpy in front of my husband, his students, and his boss, who was observing my lecture. So I went with an old favorite -- I said I wear this dress all the time. I also wore my grey Fryes, as I wanted to look professional but also arty and individual. Similarly, I didn't want to seem too weighed down by too much jewelry, so I only wore the seashell necklace, for which I really don't have any matching earrings.

Y'all, I have a confession to make. Remember how I confidently stated that my Athenian boots were my favorite boots in my collection? I think I lied. If they're not my absolute favorites, these grey boots are at least tied for first place. I just love them: I love the braided detail on the top; I love that they're so durable and tough-looking while still looking sleek; I love that they hit my leg at a more favorable spot... and who are we kidding? I love that they're grey!

Another thing that I love is this black dress. As I've told you a bajillion times, I wear this dress all the time. It's a year-round staple, from the sweatiest days in Athens to the coldest days in Boston. It's simple, black, and for the most part I forget about it once it's on. It does have one thing that's very against its favor, though: an empire waist. Now I'm one of those women who actually has a pretty decent waist-to-hip ratio and I know I look my best when I show it. This dress has a tie right under my bust. From the front it's all cute, but when I'm viewed from the side, I look as if I were with child:

... as evidenced when seen here, nerding it up with Patrick Olivelle's Early Upanisads. Yay, Sanskrit!

Black dress: Gap, remixed
Grey boots: Frye Paige Huaraches, via

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