Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How I wore it: warm Tuesday

So while the temperatures today didn't go up as high as we were promised, my work place is still an oven and I have to dress for the temps at work rather than the real weather outside.

Although I bought this skirt on a ridiculously warm spring day some years ago and always associate it with super-hot weather, its heavy linen is actually quite comfortable for a day like today. I added just a plain black t-shirt and some pops of color (the famous "mustard-y" flats and the blue turquoise ring, unseen) and went with it.

I feel as if a lot of people have this skirt. It is the one item of clothing I own that I see most regularly on other people. I even had a colleague last year who had it -- fortunately, we never coincided on it.

I fear that this skirt's hem hits at a non-flattering place on my leg, as evidenced by the photo above. However, the fabric is so swingy and twirly that I think I can get away with it, as the whole skirt moves well and shows a more flattering length to my leg when I walk around, or even stand in a different way (as evidenced by the first photo).

I even got complimented on my outfit today, by one of the people who also complimented me yesterday. In fact, she told me that I had "two great outfits in a row," making me wonder if I look like a troll every other day.

Scandalous pose! See also: unflattering leg picture.

I was really worried about these shoes when I got them. I thought that their mustard color could only really go with clothes in the brown/orange spectrum and only in the fall. However, I've gotten a lot of wear out of them. I do like them as accessories with an autumn palette (brown tweed skirt; orange sweater; beige skirt, etc.), but I also tend to wear them a lot with reds and burgundies and they were the ones I chose for my otherwise black and white palette today. Yay for versatile shoes.

Black t-shirt: H & M
Striped skirt: Gap
Nude stockings: L'Eggs, via CVS
Mustard-y flats; Nine West, by way of DSW

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