Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How I wore it: Happy douchey holiday!

So it's St. Patrick's Day. And that's kind of a Big Deal here in Boston, where my husband and I are almost the only non-Irish people we know. I'm not a big fan of the holiday, myself. For one thing -- not Irish. For another thing, the idea of public intoxication icks me out a little bit. Actually, a lot. Also, I live in fear of being pinched by strangers for not wearing green (although this has never happened to me).

But, since I was hanging out on my lonesome today, obsessively watching Lady Gaga videos working on my dissertation, I thought I'd wear some green in honor of the great man who got rid of Ireland's snakes and invented green beer.

Hi, who doesn't like to iron? This girl. You can get but a teeny glimpse of my shoes which are also (*gasp*) GREEN! Here you go:

If I were up to my own devices, I'd probably wear this outfit with some super-casual shoes, like my moccasins. However, if I had to go outside today of all days, I would definitely keep on the green flats and probably add my green cardigan to the mix.

The funny thing is that, as much as I'm mostly a neutrals-wearing lady at heart, green is actually my favorite color. I don't wear it that often -- I don't have that many green articles of clothing [I think red ism my favorite color to wear, which is a big difference] -- but I do love it. And, hey, if a lady's got green shoes, when better to pull them out?

You're looking at what was probably my uniform about four years ago. I didn't yet own skinny jeans and I tended to pair tight tunic tops (or "dresses," as they're sold) with my existing pants, which tended to be on the flared side. Funny how much can change. I actually own four of those tops (green, brown, grey, and blue) and I wore them constantly. My first and second dates with my husbands featured two different-colored ones. I bet he wishes I owned shirts that actually stopped at my waistline.

Here you can get a better picture of my shoes and whatnot. Also, have I mentioned that the weather is GLORIOUS? I feel almost bad for all the bitching I did about the three-day storm. Our reward is beautiful spring weather, with temperatures up in the 60's and bright sun. Don't believe me? Check out the unearthly halo of light springing from behind my head in the above photo: that's how lovely it is out, folks.

Anyway, if you're out partying for St. Patrick's or cowering at home afraid of the crowds, like me, I hope you have a great day!

Green "dress": American Apparel
Khakis: Gap
Green flats: Kenneth Cole Reaction, by way of DSW

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