Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How I wore it: rock & roll nerd

Today my husband and I decided to actually do something together, as this week our spring breaks coincide. Frankly, going to the doctor, eating lunch, and taking a two-hour nap on Monday didn't really count. So we decided to go to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in order to see the Egyptian display.

I decided to kick it old-school, by kind of showing my "roots." Rocker t-shirt, skinny jeans, badass boots, new fringe...I'm such a hipster.

Actually, I'm too lazy to wear anything exciting, I wasn't sure about the weather, and I wanted to remind myself as to who I am when I'm not prancing about in a suitable frock, sensible shoes, and hose.


You've seen the elements of this outfit before, except for the David Bowie t-shirt. As it's March in New England, I dressed it up with my favorite cardigan (the grey and black striped one) and my grey wool coat -- I'm still pretty sure I saw an old lady on the subway glare at me in horrified fascination. I look as if I'm up to no good, yes?

But instead of raising hell, I was salivating to see Egyptian coffins. Although I'm a semi-professional Indologist, one of my first loves is amateur Egyptology. I first learned about ancient Egypt in 6th grade and fell in love with it: the people, the mythology... My sixth-grade history teacher also turned me on to a mystery writer named Elizabeth Peters, who has a Ph.D. in Egyptology from UChicago. I now own every single book she's written. I think she's marvelous.

Plus, I have Cleopatra hair.

Since the only clothes on my body with color were my blue boots, I decided to jazz it up with jewelry. See those red things hanging from my ears? I got those as a wedding present from our best man and his wife. What do you think they are?

What do they look like? When the gift giver asked me to guess, I thought they were maybe dried out rose petals. Nope. They're dried out and painted fish scales. Isn't that AWESOME? They're super light and they clatter intriguingly when I shake my head. Totally work inappropriate. On a day like today, when the wind was terrible, it was kind of frightening to feel them fly away from my ears, but they kept it together.

The ring I'm wearing is my cheap Accessorize ring that turns my finger green. I thought -- although it clashes pretty hideously with my earrings and my boots -- that it was the perfect rocker ring to wear with the rest of my outfit.

Alas, I only have four more full days of spring break and then it's back to the daily grind. The good news, of course, is that the next big vacation is SUMMER. Too bad the weather doesn't seem to want to remind me of that...

Blue boots: Frye Veronica Slouches, by way of, remixed
Black jeans: Bulldog by Urban Outfitters, remixed
David Bowie t-shirt: Gap
Fish earrings: gift, bought in Ten Thousand Villages, Cambridge
"Turquoise ring:" Accessorize store in Athens, Greece

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