Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grrr. Argh.

Le sigh. It's Sunday again. The bad kind. The kind that at a little past 6:30 in the evening, in twelve hours, I'll be ready to go back to work. WOE IS ME. It was a good, albeit chill, spring break: the first two-week spring break I've had since 1999, when I was still in high school.

I wish I had another week!

No pictures today, folks. I've been too lazy to document my admittedly cute outfits. Alas. Back to skirts and hose it is. However...I do plan to wear my cute teaching outfits again. So, without further ado, here's my plan for the week!

  • Monday: white t-shirt and tweedy brown skirt; purple cashmere cardigan; brown-grey stockings; mustard-y flats
  • Tuesday: the basic black dress; cardigan will depend on the weather; off-black stockings; red patent-leather wedges
  • Wednesday: grey striped v-neck t-shirt; beige corduroy skirt; nude stockings (?); mustard-y flats; green cashmere cardigan if needed
  • Thursday: grey dress; grey or off-black stockings [depending on weather]; black flats or polka-dot flats [if, again, weather reports are to be believed]
  • Friday: burgundy jersey dress; grey patterned tights; mustard-y flats
Sigh. I feel the whole cycle is starting again. Hopefully with the nice weather promised, I'll start getting more inspired to wear more fun clothes.

I'm actually a little more nervous than usual about going back to work. The reason? My hair. It's true. Although I haven't had a dramatic haircut or anything, my hair has changed obviously. I have thick bangs now. If it were any other place in the world, I'd think nothing of it. But at a school, where (pre-) adolescent criticism is rife, it'll be breaking news. One of my colleagues ever-so-subtly dyed her hair a slightly darker brown during Christmas vacation and the first thing I heard that Monday was "Mrs. A. dyed her hair!" I galloped to find her and I didn't notice anything new about her hair. In fact, she told me that her husband hadn't even noticed anything new. 

Now that I actually do have tangibly new hair, I wonder how it'll go down. I foresee girls' faces pressed against my classroom window, trying to get a glimpse of my new hair. I don't really like being the center of attention like this and I just hope it finishes quickly. The last time I had a dramatic haircut, I was 23. I had just been dumped by a (severely unsuitable) boyfriend with whom I had been very much in love (God knows why); I was so depressed and cared so little about what other people thought, that I fulfilled an eighteen-year-old wish and chopped off all my hair, Mia Farrow-style. I was in graduate school at the time and I had few people to answer to: my professors, my friends, my students. Now believe it or not, few professors give a damn as to what their female students' hair looks like (at least in my field), so there was little comment. My friends loved it. My students were surprised, but they got over it pretty quickly [I lost about a foot of hair], especially as I saw them rarely.

However now? I'll be dealing not only with my students, but with every student who sees me constantly, be it on the school bus or in the halls. My colleagues. My bosses. It'll be weird, I presume.

...Watch no one notice anything and all this angst will have been for naught. 

But this is exactly the reason why I got my hair cut during the first week of a two-week vacation. I wanted to get used to it first before feeling weird and self-conscious about it while being observed by others. Since I feel fabulous, I can just cheerfully say, "Yup! I cut my hair!" when commented upon tomorrow. 

One of my colleagues, who always has a lovely little angled bob says that she cuts her hair (really, trims it) only on Fridays for the same reason: she wants to get used to it first and be aware of any issues before showing it off to the world. 

Does anyone else do that? Sort of have the home test-run before showing off something new to the world? Wish me luck! 

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