Monday, March 15, 2010

How I wore it: Might as well jump

It. Has. Been. Raining. For. Three. Days. Straight.

God help us, in the East Coast we've been destroyed by a storm that hit us Saturday and HASN'T LEFT. Anyways. It's supposed to be lovely for the rest of the week, so I'll keep thinking positive thoughts. POSITIVE THOUGHTS.

Anyways, since I've been on break and...had to wake up at 6:15 AM this morning to go to jury duty, style hasn't exactly been on my mind. But I thought I had to confess something to y'all.

Here is a typical lounging/working outfit for me:

On me you see my husband's grey sweater that I wear all the time. ...And? ...My jumpsuit.

Yes, I own a jumpsuit. AND I LOVE IT.

For some reason, I got obsessed with jumpsuits last year. My husband and I spent three months in his native Greece this past summer and I vowed that I was going to find a jumpsuit for myself. Not that I particularly saw them as being in fashion in Athens. But I saw some here and there in shop windows and I decided that I would find a cool black jumpsuit for myself in Athens without having to resort to, like, Forever 21.

On our last full day in Athens, we were walking on Ermou Street (which I've mentioned before) and while we walked by an anonymous cool boutique, I saw this cool purple jumpsuit in the window. I dragged my husband in and went to look at colors. They only had rich purple and white, so I clearly went with purple because holy God I try to avoid white at all costs. The rest is history. It came home with me.

Now my only problem is that I rarely wear it. I wear it at home all the time. I've worn it once out for a neighborhood fair during Labor Day weekend with a sweater over it, but I haven't yet ventured out in full-on jumpsuit mode. I thought that it would be the perfect flying outfit because it's like wearing pyjamas, but who wants to wear a jumpsuit for many hours on a plane when you need to take frequent bathroom breaks? And do I dare to wear it through the streets of Athens where Greek female judgment is terrible and swift?

[I must also confess that it's made of extremely unforgiving jersey and I might need to work out more if I'm gonna take it to the streets.]

As for styling it, I tend to wear it with a belt when I'm actually trying. At the store, I was told that it should be worn with high heels, but I think that might be a little much. Gladiator sandals? I feel that that would be pretty awesome.

We'll see if I even pack it this summer. For now I love wearing it as a disco Spanish-correcting queen at the home.

Grey cardigan: husband's, from H&M
Purple jumpsuit: from a store on Ermou Street, Athens, Greece

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