Monday, March 8, 2010

How I wore it: blank canvas

So apparently there was a big awards show last night? This was the first Oscars ceremony that I completely missed. I missed the movies, I missed the awards, I missed the clothes. LAME. It was kind of a bummer. Oh, well -- thank God for the internet!

As promised, I decided to wear my new turquoise ring [with matching jewelry] with only black clothes in order to better pop. As I thought, my female high school students noticed and loved the new ring:

That's how I looked all day at work. I wore a long, slouchy sweater to hide the va-va-voom quality of the little black dress below it. Of course, I wore the turquoise and cream scarf to match EVEN MORE. I tied it in a new way, in the graduate student-approved sneaky knot. It doesn't have the same pizzazz as E's version, but I'm still learning.

I love long, drape-y, Indian-inspired scarves, or dupattas, as they're called in South Asia. I've always loved scarves, but after I spent the summer of 2004 in Pune, India for a Sanskrit program, I started wearing them more than ever. Ten weeks of always wear a dupatta draped to cover one's breasts, and you start getting a little self-conscious. I do it less now -- the majority of the summer-y scarves I own are still in New York and not yet in Boston [long story]. In fact, I don't really like scarves tied and looking back at the picture, I miss the grace of the South Asian dupatta.

Behold my desk!

No sweater and close-up on my fun patterned tights. Needless to say, I didn't look like this while teaching kids. See, this is the way I like to wear a scarf more -- draped randomly on one shoulder. The thing is, I'm much more aware of it that way. Tying it makes life way easier.

And here's a detailed jewelry shot:

Check out that jewelry! Happy Monday -- four more days till my spring break!

Black dress: Gap, remixed
Black sweater: Gap, remixed
Black patterned tights: Gap
Black flats: Me Too, by way of DSW, remixed
Turquoise earrings: Banana Republic
Turquoise pendant: gift from my uncle, from Argentina
Turquoise ring: gift from my husband, from High Gear Jewelry in Boston

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