Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How I wore it: back to school…again

So today was the first day of classes. I met my new advisee, I taught two classes, and I found myself doing a comprehensive chart of present tense verbs in Spanish on a white board in about half an hour. For an advanced Spanish class. Yeah, I think review might be a little slow with them…

I was also able to bring my bike home from work today, as the weather was beautiful, sunny, and warm. For that reason, I didn't dress up as formally as I tend to for the first day of school (my more dressed-up days will be Thursdays, as I won't be biking in then because of our weekly faculty meetings). I did wear contacts, but that was my only special-occasion concession:

I got this top this past spring, just in time for my 15th high-school reunion. These jeans I got last autumn, to replace my old beloved Bulldog pair. Although the difference is pretty nominal, I really still miss those old jeans. I mean, I like my current pair just fine, but they just don't fill me with as much glee as the old pair. I don't think it's the color - I prefer darker greys - maybe the shape of the old ones was just better? Who knows. 

Well, it was a long and tiring first day and I think this is gonna be a big year. Wish me luck!

Anchor tank: J Crew Factory (online)
Grey jeans: Gap (online)
Moccasins: Minnetonka, via Lord and Taylor (New York), remixed

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  1. I sense a theme in the last few photos: black tank-top-style top/dress. Perhaps the world's most versatile clothing item.