Thursday, September 25, 2014

How I wore it: basic and stripes

Today we were supposed to get rain (not yet happened, though) and I had an unexpected respite from my usual Thursday faculty meetings, so we arranged for my husband to pick me up early from school today. So while I tend to dress up more extravagantly on Thursdays, as I don't bike, today I wanted to be comfy in case I got caught in the rain.

So I deployed boots (well, booties) for the second time this year and wore one of my new favorite button-down-ish tops. No one gasped in amazement when they saw me, but I really liked my outfit today:

Ignore the closed eyes…

Although this striped shirt is so basic, I have a passionate love for it. I bought it online from J. Crew Factory last spring, as I tend to take advantage of their sales through Gilt. I've often paired it with khakis or jeans, but never with black jeans. I have to admit, for an easy almost-Friday look, I was super-happy with it. 

It doesn't show so well in the photos, but I'm wearing my beloved Fluevog badass short black boots. Still love 'em.

Well, that's all, folks. My daughter and I are installed on the couch, watching the end of 'Yellow Submarine' (I've trained her well). And she's in a pissy mood, so I gotta go deal with that…

Striped shirt: J Crew Factory
Black jeans: Old Navy (online)
Black boots: Fluevog, remixed

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