Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lookit my new shoes!

This weekend, my family and I went to Target to buy Baby Boots new shoes. While there, I fell in love with some slip-ons, similar in style to ones I'd had in grad school that I quickly wore out. My husband also fell in love with them, especially with the pattern (which is my personal favorite), so for $16.99, I decided to splurge!

Fun, right? I wore them with black jeans and a black tee. They were the only spot of brightness in my outfit and quite comfy for biking and walking back and forth to daycare and home. I don't think they'll last long, as my big toe has the tendency to pierce through any cloth shoe, but for now, I dig 'em. 

Biking has continued to be a fun way to get to and from work, although I admit to feeling quite anxious in the mornings (although the afternoon ride is more stressful). I have a lot of contingency plans (I have three different ways to get to school, after all!), but it doesn't stop me from feeling worried until the moment I'm on my trusty Raleigh. 

Today I had some highs and lows with the biking. A nice biker lady talked to me at my train station, complimented my bike, and we talked bike trails for a while. On my way home, I was passed by a school bus from my last school - one that was being monitored by one of my really good friends (I think - at least, someone waved at me from the bus window!). However, when I crossed a street, I was approached perilously closely by a truck, whose driver yelled something nasty at me (my first street harassment as a biker!). So that wasn't great. But it made me feel like a real Cambridge biker…!

(Also, the area between the second train station and my school is really hilly. My thighs and calves might be all the better for it, but, dang, it's tiring in the morning.)


  1. Speaking of real Cambridge bikers, have you been to Broadway Bicycles at 351 Broadway? It's a worker-owned collective that's been there since the 1970s. My partner worked there for a while back in the 1980s when he was a student, and when we went into Cambridge for a day last spring he was thrilled to see it was still around.

  2. I don't know Broadway Bicycles, Sue! I just checked it out online and it seems awesome! I'm gonna have to take a little ride there, I guess! :)