Thursday, September 4, 2014

How I wore it: back to school, part the second

So today was the second day of classes and I already feel as if I've been run over by a truck. I think my classes will be good, but, oof. I've gotta pace myself. Although I'm restless about my work and would rather be doing something more related to my field, I really came into this school year very optimistic, especially after my relaxing and happy summer. Of course, it's only the second "normal" day of school, so I'm sure I'll find the balance soon.

Because of after-school faculty meetings on Thursday, I've decided that I won't be biking in those days and I dressed in an outfit that I actually think I wore last year on the first day of classes. I hope no one remembered that…

Um, I don't know why my lips look blue in this photo…

It was a pretty simple outfit: a colorful dress, bright red shoes, and some accessories. Easy to throw on and keep on during the whole school day. I was a little uncomfortable by the time I got home and ready to put on my flip-flops and loose pants, but I think it was a good first "dress-up" outfit of the year…

Man, I'm already lookin' forward to the weekend! My husband and I have a bona-fide date planned for Saturday and I'm just looking forward to running simple household errands with my family. I treasure time with my husband and daughter, especially once the school year starts, because we're all so busy during the week. Heck, I've barely had a real, adult conversation with my husband since the week has started! 

Anyway, it's almost Friday, which means it's almost the weekend. Avanti!

Striped dress: J Crew Factory, remixed
Red wedges: CL by Laundry, by way of DSW, remixed

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