Friday, September 5, 2014

How I wore it: inching toward normalcy

Today was the first day with school in session where I biked to and from (the train to and from) work and also picked up the little one from daycare. It's been a rough week, but I'm glad that I was able to bike a few times. It was also nice to know that my self-imposed biking/daycare schedule is still working out.

The work schedule, on the other hand, is tiring me out, but a lot of my colleagues are saying the same thing, so I think we just have the back-to-school blues and once we get used to not being people of leisure again, it all should balance itself out.

Although I knew today was supposed to be sunny and hot, I was told yesterday by a colleague that it would be super-humid. So I really dressed for the weather and the biking and not really for work: this might be the least professionally I ever dressed for school…

Look! I wore my finest graphic tank!

Forgive the frizzy, messy hair. I had just taken my helmet off and was on my way out the door to pick up Baby Boots (although I did change into shorts). 

I was very ambivalent about this outfit - don't get me wrong, I kind of LOVE it. But I was very nervous about wearing this Beatles racerback tank to work: it just seems so casual! However, I also figured that the weather was going to be rough and also - hi, no dress code. No one gasped in horror upon seeing me and I don't think I'm fired, so looks like I got away with it.

I thought I lost one of my earrings today! In the middle of my first class, I realized that I was only wearing one earring (not a very important pair, but still not a great realization). I was sad and put the other one in my bag to take home. Later in the day, I saw something glinting in the bottom of my backpack and … it was my other earring! I probably loosened it while taking off my helmet and it fell into my bag when I bent or something. Yay! Both earrings survived the bike ride home and that's honestly the most interesting story of my day.


Tomorrow's date night, so I'm super-excited! Stay tuned!

Grey tank: Old Navy (online)
Turquoise jeans: Gap (online), remixed
Yellow flats: Nine West by way of DSW, remixed

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