Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, white...and grey?

Today I had a meeting with my advisor preceded by the first Sanskrit class I've attended (as a student) in over four years. Intense. It was also cooler than the last few days, so I'd been dithering as to what to wear for hours before I got dressed. I decided to go with a reiteration of this outfit. However, I made a few changes: I left the grey tunic untucked and I didn't wear pantyhose and red shoes, but rather my black Birkenstocks.

... The effect was ... interesting. I actually really liked the tunic over the skirt, when I saw it a few months ago while I was getting ready to wear a similar outfit, but I didn't wear it to work like that. Today I was too lazy to tuck in, so I thought I do this. I think if I'd had classier shoes, it would've looked okay, but with the Birks, it looked a little too much as if I were going to go backpacking through the Pyrenees with a guy named Gunther. So you don't get a picture.

I have been experimenting with hair accessories, though, so I thought I'd play today with a headband. A few years ago, Gap made some headbands that mimicked the look of a scarf tied ever-so-jauntily around the head, but with none of the actual, sometimes difficult, tying. I bought two, of different patterns, and went with them while I was growing out my hair. They were relegated to the bottom of my "hair things bag," which lives in my childhood closet anyway, until this summer. I thought with the bangs and stuff that I could maybe do a bit of a retro look with the scarf-bands and big earrings. And, whaddaya know...

Look, Brigitte Bardot I ain't, but I actually really liked the look. It added some visual interest, height, and volume to my usual tried-and-true bun. I'll definitely be something that I continue over the summer and beyond.

Now let's just pretend that the rest of my outfit is nearly as flattering as the top bit.

Striped scarf headband: Gap
Grey tunic: American Apparel, remixed
Green earrings: H&M, remixed

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