Friday, July 23, 2010

Some like it hot

So I might be literally melting as we speak. I've always been a hot-weather fiend, but living in an Athenian apartment without air conditioning these days might be pushing it a little. My husband and I sleep with two fans trained upon our bed - I often wake up in the middle of the night pawing at my face in order to get my hair in some kind of control ... HOT [in all senses of the word: HA! See what I did there?!].

Anyway, today was spent pretty leisurely. We built some IKEA furniture (it follows us wherever we go), lounged about (what dissertation?) and then spent the evening / had dinner with my husband's aunt/uncle/cousin/cousin's fiancé. For that, I decided to wear my favorite summer red dress. Because I styled it from the neck down exactly the same as I did the day I featured it on here, I did not take a full-body picture.

(Might I add? My aunt and uncle-in-law, not to mention their daughter ... and her fiancé, now that I think about it ... have seen this red dress so often. I wore it the first time I met the family and have worn it constantly and whatever, maybe they now think I only own one dress. I can live with that.)

However, I did style my hair and jewelry very differently from when I last wore this dress. My normally accessory-loathing husband confessed to me that he loved it when I wore headbands, so - since I'm actually taking some sort of care of my hair sometimes - I decided to rock a headband and let it all hang out:

Notice the eerie red light to the bottom right. Nothing very special: a picture of my wild locks with a semblance of order and a hairband cleverly matched to my dress.

Oh, I also wore my glasses and my gold Spartan earrings instead of the black ones I last wore. I go CRAZY with changing stuff up around here.

Anyways, as usual, while wearing this hairband, I felt subtly retro with my bangs and long hair and kind of wished I were in a Godard film. Oh, well. Maybe one day, my dream will come true and some cool fashionista will come upon me on the street and say, "By the way, has anyone ever told you that you're the spitting image of a 60s girl? You should have my collection of vintage Pucci." Oh, well.

Good night! I need to sit in front of a fan for several hours!

Striped hairband: Gap, remixed
Gold earrings: Spartan jewelry store, gift from my father-in-law, remixed

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