Tuesday, July 13, 2010

French & Pretty

So the other day, as is my wont, I was surfing the web and looked in on Louise's site. Louise Ebel, a real-life muse and darling of the Parisian fashion/art/you name it world, is kind of who I want to be in life (no big deal...) and her photographs are a glimpse into a world much, much cooler than any that I or any of my friends inhabit (no offense, y'all). Anyway, I was struck by her most recent photo shoot. I also caught an immediate girl-crush on her friend Alix and found her blog and here it is. Enjoy!

In other news, I know that among my dozens (haha!) of followers, there must be a few Sanskritists (...heh...heh), so you will truly understand the glee with which I state that I just finished looking over a manuscript fifteen minutes ago. I'd been working on this guy for a month, matching it against the critical edition I'm trying to create, and now I'm done with it. At least four more to go! Wee! What does this really mean, though? My husband is finishing up a HUGE work project tonight, which means that tomorrow we'll both be in super-vacation mode and will probably head into the city center and chill in Athens like villains. I can't wait... I really want to make an event of this.

In even more news, my silly silver sandals are about to go the direction of my blue jeans: the zipper on the left one keeps on opening and making it very scary to take walks on hilly, terrain-y Athenian streets for fear of slippage. Despite all of my protestations of summer thriftiness, I might be "forced" to buy sandals tomorrow, perhaps on Ermou Street, in order to replace them...life is tough.


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