Thursday, July 22, 2010


Oh, hi. 

Yeah, so how 'bout that local sports team? How've you been? Good? Great. Me too. I mean, yeah. I'm in Europe. You know how it is...

- Oh, why keep pretending? I haven't posted in days and days. And I know, no one reads this, but I don't care. I feel guilty, guilty I tell you. I don't have a great excuse. I generally have liked how I've been dressing. My hair has its ups and downs. I just ... I keep wanting to bust out an amazing "I bought three pairs of the chicest sandals ever in Athens" story, but it's just not happening. I've been out shopping, but the only things I've bought are mystery novels and conditioner. Glamorous! I'm too tired to take pictures of myself by the end of the day and our apartment is so bloody hot that I usually look wilted anyway. I'll make a better effort, I promise, but... I just wanted to say hi. And that I'm still alive, for the one reader that reads this (hi, future me!). 

I'll be a better girl. I promise. 

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