Thursday, July 8, 2010

Möchtest du mit mir zum Café gehen?


It's the beginning of the end of my time in Germany. My advisor and I had our last meeting yesterday and, in two days, I'll be in Greece with my husband, ready to start a real vacation (while still editing manuscripts, natürlich!). Anyways, as my university's term is also ending soon - next week - there was a departmental lunch in a trendy-esque café in Sternschanze. The heat is back on in Hamburg - as it will be for the rest of our time here - and I wanted to dress summery and decidedly non-academically. Hardly believing that I haven't worn this dress in two whole weeks, I wore my favorite black dress again, but changed around the details so that it was quite different from my last wearing:

I tend to wear this dress with very somber, traditional, black-matching accessories. But, since today I wanted to wear my decidedly not black big gladiator sandals, I decided to switch stuff up. I have no problem mixing black and brown - I don't even think that's considered a taboo anymore ... Anyways, because of the brown sandals, I decided to go with more "earth tones," wearing a striped modesty tank top in the brown family, as well as gold - rather than silver-based - jewelry.

I didn't notice until I got the picture up, but I like that the stripes on the tank top under my dress echo the horizontal lines created by my sandals. Not on purpose, as I say, but a happy coincidence.

Today was my first 2010 outing with a relatively short dress with my tall gladiator sandals. Every person in my neighborhood did a quick once-over at my legs, but nothing overtly hostile was said, or implied. And whatever - my photos convince me more than ever: these sandals rock.

On an end note, I can't wait till my bangs grow out again - I fear that each trim they've had (all of two, one professional, one by me) has been too short. I think the ideal length is eyebrow-trimming. Soon, my pretties, soooooooon...


Black dress: remixed
Striped tank (underneath): H&M
Brown gladiator sandals: Madden Girl, by way of DSW, remixed

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  1. You are really pretty, and you look great in gladiator sandals!