Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How I wore it: loooooooose


As we speak, I'm watching the Spain-Germany semi-final and the people outside my window are going nuts. My husband and I are, too, but we're rooting for the other team. Which is why we're safely tucked away in our apartment and will not be leaving it until tomorrow.

The weather got a little more Hamburg-normal yesterday, mid 60s and partly sunny. Today it warmed up again, to the low-mid 70s, but I still decided to go crazy and actually wear pants to my advisor's office for the first time in two weeks. [Aaahh! I've been here for two weeks! Weird!] Because I only packed two pairs of pants - and one of them is not long for this world, which ... more on that later - I went with the "good" pair, the seersucker. And I wore my beloved grey tunic over it, in my tried and true tunic-over-pants aesthetic which I totally blame on my 2004 summer in India wearing salwar-kameez all the time:

You finally get to see my beloved tunic untucked, which is the way I wore it for years until, well, this spring!

Anyway, it was a nice, cool outfit and eminently sensible for my dusty Alster walk to and from my advisor's office. I didn't add too much to it, but, as they say, the devil's in the details...

Usually when I wear these pants, my default color story is turquoise. I tend to wear turquoise accessories, such as jewelry et al., with them, or, in this case ... my scarf!

I completely messed up the zoom on this shot, and reached for something last-minute, but I actually really like how the shot turned out, so I kept it thusly. I know y'all appreciate it. Anyway, so, yeah, my scarf - just to add to more of the West-East fashion aesthetic, I added a dupatta.

So here I am with all this blue going on and my natural instinct would be to wear my turquoise jewelry, so into matching am I. And it was a big mental struggle not to wear my turquoise earrings, to tie the whole look together (guys, I think my matching obsession is messing with my quality of life - oh, well, I've never been spontaneous). However, I really wanted to wear my pink ruby ring. And, such is the level of my neurosis, that I couldn't wear my turquoise earrings with it (stones versus faceted gems rarely go together in my world), so I gulped and wore tiny diamond studs instead.

But again, I'm so neurotic, that I wanted to add in something else to tie in the pink ring. So what better than my new hair love, a headband?

Meet my multi-colored cloth headband! I bought this way back in the fall and wore it couple of times to school (to great acclaim among my female students), but kind of forgot all about it, especially as it tended to ride back on my head. However, I did pack it for the summer and thought it would work today. Done and done!


Multicolored headband: CVS
Grey tunic: American Apparel, remixed
Seersucker pants: Gap, remixed
Turquoise scarf: Indian stall from the Prudential Mall in Boston, remixed
Sandals: Birkenstocks, via Tip-Top Shoes, remixed

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