Sunday, July 11, 2010

Travel Style: Where are my keys, I lost my phone!

Geia sas!

So I'm successfully installed in "our" home in Athens, Greece, living right next door to my in-laws (can't get more Greek than this, everyone!). My wonderful, fantastic, generous parents-in-law built my husband and me a home in the course of about a year and this is the first time we're living in it. It's so wonderful to have your own little crash pad (or enormous party apartment) in your favorite city in the world.

Our trip from Germany to Greece was uneventful and comfortable. Since Hamburg was going through this insane heat wave, I knew that I couldn't wear my Frye boots to travel in because I might die of ankle-fever. And since I have to hold a funeral for my jeans soon, I thought I'd just wear them as a last hurrah for the trip and wear a certain tank top with them that - due to outfits/packing - I won't wear again till I'm back in the States:


Note my Gaga-inspired Fashion Claws (thanks for that, Fug Girls!). And, just, the general awesomeness of my Lady Gaga racerback tunic. I will admit that a) this was a remarkably comfortable outfit to travel in, and b) I got way fewer looks than I expected.

A good trip.

Lady Gaga blue tunic: H&M Hamburg
Blue jeans: Bulldog by Urban Outfitter, remixed
Silver sandals: some store in Herakleion, Crete, remixed

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