Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Schooooool's out! For! The summer!

...well, not really. But today was the last day of classes and the last day that I see a few of the kids. Sad face. After school, I stayed behind because we had a dinner honoring the senior girls, who graduate tomorrow. So I thought I'd dress somewhat pretty:

You've seen this skirt a lot before. I decided to wear it again with a simple black color scheme. The only pops of color I allowed were my necklace, my shoes, and my bracelet, which all matched in their shared color of red.

(Barely seen, my shoes are my patent-leather red wedges--you've seen 'em before, like here.)

I was comfortable all day and felt vaguely flirty, with my red accents and black/white color palette. I look forward to wowing the students all next week with my planned graduation outfits. I'll keep you posted!

Black and white skirt: Gap, remixed
Red shoes: Chinese by Laundry, via DSW, remixed
Black cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft
Black tank top (underneath): H & M

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