Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I wear colors when I want to

Today the girls of my school graduated and I decided to pull out a dress that I wear very infrequently. I had wanted to wear it at least once before school ended and I thought that the girls would appreciate it more than the boys, who graduate tomorrow, and would even appreciate the sentimental value behind it:

You see, I got married in this dress about a year and eleven months ago. [The sharp-eyed among you might also recognize the pattern from my header] My husband and I got married in Boston's City Hall in June of 2008 and I wore this cool patterned dress that I had bought on a whim a few weeks earlier for the first time. That day I wore bright orange sandals and very minimal jewelry. Today I decided to keep it simple with the shoes [we're not allowed sandals at work and heels are tough for me], but go crazy with the jewelry. So I wore my turquoise earrings, necklace, and ring, which matched the light blue flowers on my dress perfectly.

Although you cannot see my head or feet in this picture, you can, however, see the jewelry in all its glory. Cool, huh?

(Both pictures were taken at my place of work: shocking!)

Alas, today in the subway, the turquoise stone fell off of my ring, but I caught the noise as it fell, slid it back into place, and have resolved to get it glued back on or something. A bummer, but what can you do?

It was nice to dress colorfully today--everyone said something and I loved being able to respond, "Thanks! I got married in this dress!"

[Funny story: when I suggested wearing this dress for the wedding, my husband did not approve at all, although he thought the dress was cute -- he thought it wasn't "formal" enough for our civil ceremony. I got mad at him, he got mad at me, and when I wouldn't budge, he bought some fancy clothes that wouldn't be too overdressed for the ceremony and I wore this dress and rocked the hell out of it. Which he agreed with. That is all]

Flowered dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Mustard flats: Nine West, by way of DSW, remixed
Turquoise earrings: Banana Republic, remixed
Turquoise ring: anniversary gift from my husband, remixed
Turquoise pendant; Macy's

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