Friday, June 11, 2010

Hint of summer vacation

Yesterday was (finally!) the last day of school for every single student at my place of work. I can't believe I attended four last-day ceremonies (two for high-school students, two for everyone else). The cool thing is that, despite faculty meetings next week, we were allowed to leave with the kids yesterday and we get today off. Which is very important, because the World Cup begins today.

I woke up feeling pretty gross yesterday and the weather agreed with me. It got cooler, by a lot, and drizzled most of the day. So despite rebelliously not wearing stockings for the past three or four weeks, I put some on yesterday as a final hurrah:

I told you guys that I could live in this dress! Since I was feeling ill and it's kind of my staple dress, it was the perfect last-day outfit. Although you can't really see them, my stockings are the bottle-green patterned ones that I've worn many times before (e.g., here). I of course wore a modesty cardigan for work (plus a jacket, to be quite honest, because cold).

I actually stayed in the dress well into evening because we invited a trustee of our building -- who happens to be a retired music professor -- for refreshments and chatting. I really needed to be in warm PJs and fuzzy slippers, but I kept it together. I even baked in this outfit! In fact, the picture above was taken after putting a batch of something sweet and delicious in the oven.

Apart from being the last day of seeing students (ever, in my case), yesterday also marked the last day I have to wear a dress/skirt to work! I plan on wearing pants every single day next week, even if it gets too warm.

So yeah, despite still feeling pretty ill, I'm quite psyched about summer vacation (almost) starting:

(I approve)

Black dress: Gap, remixed
Green patterned stockings: Gap, remixed
Black flats: Me Too by way of DSW, remixed

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