Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Schooooooool's out for! Ever!

So as you can imagine, today was my last day of work! Yay! I didn't miss too much of the World Cup and my colleagues got to see what I looked like in pants for three days. Today I opted for total comfort and wore my very favorite pants (see me waxing rhapsodic about them here) along with a tank top commemorating my husband's favorite Athenian team (Olympiakos all the way, baby!). Although you can't really see them peeking out, I also wore my Birkenstocks. I was very comfortable and very ready for the announcement dismissing us all for the next three (or in my case, forever) months. 

I'm having some dilemmas about packing these pants to Europe this summer, despite swearing that I would. While they are comfortable and wearing them feels like wearing pyjamas, that's...kind of the problems. I may feel crisp and New England-y while wearing them, but when I see them in pictures (such as the one above and some from last summer in Athens), I feel as if it actually looks as if I were wearing PJs. And I want to present a more polished image when I'm on the streets of Hamburg and Athens. Also, on the one hand, when I'm in Greece I tend to only wear dresses and skirts and so having any pants aside from jeans is kind of overkill. On the other hand, Hamburg is famous for its fickle weather and packing all sorts of pants might be necessary. Furthermore, for the hot days in Greece that I don't want to wear a dress, lightweight pants are also a good thing to have on hand. Arrrgh! Decisions! 

I'll take them to New York with me this weekend (from where I'll be leaving for the summer) and make my decision last-minute. Then I'll just have to live with it. 

... That's how I roll.

Red/white top: Bought from an Olympiakos merchandise store in Athens
Seersucker pants: Gap, remixed
Sandals: Birkenstocks, via Tip Top Shoes in New York, remixed 

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