Thursday, June 24, 2010

How I wore it: Deutschland edition!


Sorry for the lack of posts: I landed in Germany yesterday afternoon after a whirlwind three days with my family in New York, during which time a lot of stuff happened, very little of which was cute-outfit or style-related. Anyway, I got to Hamburg yesterday and have been here for about twenty-four hours. I saw my thesis advisor for a bit yesterday and plan to see him again tomorrow, giving me the day off today to do some shopping, errands, and exploring of my new neighborhood (St. Georg, for those of you following along).

Because the Hamburg weather is suspiciously good for this summer, I decided to go crazy and wear a skirt. Actually, I couldn't do anything less: I was way too hot even on my morning quest for groceries with a skirt, tank top, sandals, and light jacket. Let me remind you all: this is unusual for Hamburg. This city is touted as the rainiest city in Germany (I can't remember where I read this) and it rains all year long, even (if my last two visits were any indication) in the summer. The raininess is accompanied by relatively cool temperatures, even in the summer, because it's so north (on the other hand, of course, it gets dark really late at night in the summer). My first summer there, I definitely learned to pack a raincoat/jacket/sweater with every outing because it was quite cool (end of July - early August). Last summer, there were a few really hot days (early - late July), but most of the time, my husband and I were shivering and rain-soaked. However, yesterday and today, and seemingly for the foreseeable future, if my Dashboard isn't lying to me, it's been sunny and really warm - mid-high 70s, which is, again, unusual in Hamburg, even in the summer. My friends here told me that it's a welcome anomaly.

Whew: that was a long justification for wearing a skirt. Here I am!

You've seen elements of this outfit before: I've owned this skirt for almost ten years. And this tank top is what I usually wear it with, although not so much over the past year because of my modesty-insistent job. You can also note my flip-flops, stolen from my childhood closet year after year for home and beach activities over vacation. I'm not showing you the shoes I *actually* wore outside because no one needs to see how far my true love of Birkenstocks actually extends.

Not bad for so little sleep, right?

In other news, today was the first day, since March 19th, that I've not dried my hair with a hair-dryer. Because of getting the blunt bangs, I didn't trust the air to dry my hair correctly. As I tend to have crazy-big/wavy/frizzy hair naturally (it used to be stick-straight once, guys, what's up with this?!), I've always been very careful to comb out my bangs while drying so that they look awesome and not ... insane. Anyways, as luck would have it, my hair-dryer doesn't convert to European voltage (I could've figured that out before taking it to New York, but whatever) and so I was forced to air-dry. I made sure to comb my bangs while drying, and the REST of my hair is a little over-curly, but what can ya do... it didn't turn out too bad!

The bangs are a little wavier than I would like, but nothing out of the ordinary of how I normally look. Wow. You an really see the jet lag effects in this picture. I'm gonna need to slap on a little more make-up tomorrow. I'm pretty!!

Anyways, that's about it for me. I've done a tiny bit of Sanskrit work and I have lots more to do before my conscience dies down.


Black tank top: H & M, remixed
Red skirt: Dickie's brand, via a boutique in Philadelphia, remixed
Black flip-flops: ??? Had for decades, stolen from home for European shenanigans

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