Saturday, June 19, 2010

¡Goooooooooooool! (And shopping...)

On Friday, there were two soccer games that my husband and I cared about on the World Cup, namely Argentina (vs. South Korea) and Greece (vs. Nigeria), so we decided to have people over to watch the game(s) and try out our new grill. Which was delicious. The day ended up being an impromptu twelve-hour playdate with a colleague from my school, later her husband, and some friends of ours from Greece. Yay for summer vacation!

Although the weather wasn't fabulous, my house is pretty warm when the A/C isn't on, and we were by a grill, so I decided to just put on a dress and that's it. I took a couple of walks for a hamburger bun emergency mission as well as a short stroll with friends, so I slapped on some shoes for that:

I bought this dress from Ann Taylor Loft soon before the trip to Greece where I got engaged. I wore it a fair amount that trip, but not really since then. I can pretty much pinpoint when the last time I wore it before yesterday was (and the year was 2007...). It's pretty and comfortable, but the tie at the neck can be painful and I get frustrated with strapless dresses: even on Friday I was yanking the top of the dress up to make sure I didn't inadvertently flash my bra at a hapless colleague.

Anyway, the games went well. Argentina won 4-0 and Greece won 2-1 (the first goals it's ever scored in the World Cup, let alone won a game!)...

Yesterday I went shopping at the Gap. I wanted a dress that I coveted from the website and then I bought some, um, other stuff. I held myself back from buying overalls, at least.

THESE ARE MY NEW LEGGINGS! I've not owned leggings since the mid 90s, when they were still fresh and hip. When the leggings trend first re-started, I was pretty proud that I had lived through a trend that had cycled back. Then I wanted to go around telling people that leggings weren't pants. Then I just decided to let people be, but privately thought "Nope. Not gonna happen." for myself. Then I started buying skinny jeans, wearing tunics like it was my job, and falling in love with boots. Then I dithered for years about whether to buy leggings or not. Then I started feeling bad about myself. Finally, I decided to go for some point. But yesterday, at the Gap, I was looking for the dress I wanted to try on and there was a stack of leggings (with a sign that read, simply, "Leggings") in black and grey. I went for the grey, tried them on a wee bit bigger than my actual size, liked the effect, and bought them. So, voilà! I now own a pair of grey leggings with a zipper up the back leg. They pretty much reach right at my ankle and they're gonna look adorable with boots. I'm not packing them this summer - this is strictly a fall/pants weather thing. But I'm very excited to look like an unemployed graduate student again!

The other thing I bought was a maxi dress. Yes, I know, long dresses are in this year. But here's the thing - they've been big every year for the past couple of years. I do own one very long summer dress, which I love, and I wanted another. Also, I was playing mental packing chess and I decided that if I found another dress I liked a lot, I wouldn't pack my black hemp dress for the summer. I mean, it's a great dress and all, but I'm definitely gonna take my black jersey dress, it's hard to zip up on its own and I don't like the shoulder ties. Hmmm, now I'm rethinking my decision. No, it still stands. Anyways, here's my new jersey dress!

Doesn't it look graceless and gross when hanging there? No matter. I love it on and my husband adored it when he saw it. It just skims the top of my feet, so no need to wear heels with it. It's simple - just throw it on; it's flattering - loose enough to not make me look fat, but clingy enough so that I look as if I have a shape... it's not black, which is exciting (navy and grey stripes); I also like the racerback back. I look forward to slipping it on over my head in Greece, zipping up my crazy gladiator sandals, and hitting the road.

In more exciting news, I'm off to New York today to spend some time with my family before leaving for Europe on Tuesday! My husband will go straight to Athens, but I'll be going to Hamburg and he'll join me at the end of June for our wedding anniversary and the rest of my research trip. Then, in early-mid July? GREEEEEEEEEEEECE! I can't wait.

Checked dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Moccasins: Minnetonka, via Lord and Taylor, remixed

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