Friday, October 3, 2014

How I wore it: song 2

Just like yesterday, I decided to go with a tried and true classic for me again today: a colorful dress, tights, and tall boots. And, oh boy:

… am I glad I did!

I can't believe I've had this dress for four years. It's been so wonderful for me. It is probably, quite simply, my favorite dress. Every time I wear it, I feel like a super-star and someone says something nice. 

The boots, ah, the boots. I've had them for about a year and a half, but haven't featured them except for once. Although I wear them a lot. 

Tonight the whole family is off to have dinner with friends, so I wanted to be cute, but comfortable for the whole day. I think I pulled it off, by golly!

So, question, Style Nation: This dress says that it's dry clean only, but its lining is polyester and its shell is 97% cotton and 3% spandex. Should I risk washing it by hand/delicates or should I just bite the bullet and send it to the cleaner's? What do you think?

Red dress: Calvin Klein, by way of TJ Maxx, remixed
Grey tights: Gap, remixed
Boots: Paige Riding Boots, by way of Country Outfitter, remixed

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