Friday, April 19, 2013

How I wore it: ta-da!

So most of you probably know what's been going on in the Boston area these past few days (and today was the most dramatic day of them all!) and it's been pretty horrible and stressful and panic-inducing, but I'm gonna forget about it for the moment, yes? I feel that that's my prerogative. Let's talk about clothes.

The weather has been warming up this week and it's really been quite lovely the last few days. On Wednesday, I decided to wear my other new pair of Old Navy jeans (from the same recent purchase as this light pair) with my ... NEW FRYES. I mean, my new-ish Fryes. The ones I got in December) but still haven't documented. It was perfect for a rapidly warming-up day, although I did get a little warm on my way home, but I loved it. I love those boots. Whenever I think my new 'vogs are the best shoes ever, my Fryes have a way of reminding me a little who's boss.

So here you go. Baby Boots was super-clingy (we think she has four new teeth coming in, so, yeah, she's been a little ... moody) and demanded to be held during my whole photo-taking process (which delighted her, by the way: she's such a little ham!). Also, I'm giving terrible face, so... be warned:

Pretend you don't see my head and focus on the awesomeness of these boots. Am I right? Are they not amazing??? I love their color and their height. They're obviously not as tall as my burgundy OTKs, but they're at a great height for my leg, right below the knee. I've never worn them with colored jeans before and I think the combo looked great (also, I love these jeans - I hadn't realized how much I missed having a pair of dark blue skinnies!). For the top, I went with a simple tank and colorful cardigan. I was super-comfy all day and felt fresh and young.

Baby Boots has crazy hair - she takes after both her parents in that regard: we've even started using toddler conditioner to see if it helps tame her wild (and adorable) curls!

Stay safe, y'all. My husband went out to take out the trash and I'm on pins and needles. 

Striped cardigan: Ralph Lauren, courtesy of my mom, remixed
Purple tank: Old Navy maternity, remixed
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Frye Paige Riding Boots in saddle (?), by way of


  1. Omg she's so big! You both look adorable. I especially love your boots with these jeans, your legs look especially awesome in the combo.

    Glad you guys are safe and that everything seems to be over. Matt has some friends who live right in the area that they found the boat-guy and she's also a recent mom who is at home with her baby and freaking out.

  2. She's a little person, now, no? Thanks for the kind words, Cassy! Yeah, it was a crazy day yesterday, wasn't it?