Thursday, October 30, 2014

How I wore it: mermaid

Today one of my colleagues said that I looked like a mermaid. I had done a bit of a color experiment with my lower half that in the pre-sunrise early morning looked great. When I walked out of my house, though, I wasn't sure if I had matched all the elements okay, but - as I said - my colleague told me that the colors all went together as if I were a mermaid and, hey, who doesn't like mermaids?

Baby Boots ran into the shot to be in the picture, too.

So, this is what we've got: a chambray shirt, a dark green pencil skirt, teal (you can't really tell, but they are) tights, and light blue cowboy boots. That is…a lot of greeny blue tones, yes?

All of that being said, though, I felt great all day. The boots - their color, embellishment, and height (remember: I don't wear heels so much) - made me feel tall, slim, and glamorous from the moment I put them on. I'm gonna be frivolous here: I love the way my legs look in cowboy boots. I know, not important in the long run, but dang, it helps. 

The green skirt is from my famed Old Navy spree of two years ago (I just think y'all have never seen it) and I'm a big fan of it. After last week's successful foray into tucking tunics into pencil skirts, I decided to try it with today's more neutral look. I'm glad I did. I felt very neat and retro with those elements. 

The boots were just good for ass-kickin'. 

So, who's excited for Halloween? We are! Baby Boots is going to be ridiculously cute tomorrow night, if I do say so myself: I hope to be able to share some images with you over the weekend!

Chambray shirt: J Crew Factory, remixed
Green skirt: Old Navy (online)
Teal tights: Gap, remixed (?)
Cowboy boots: Corral, by way of

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