Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How I wore it: late Tuesday twofer!

Ugh, guys, what a week and it's only Tuesday (night). Fortunately, it's a short week, as another school year unit is ending, meaning a long weekend for me starting on Friday (and it's Greek Easter, so yay!) and five more weeks of school after that. Yay!

Since I got so much loot from my J. Crew Factory haul (two tops and four dresses [!!!]), I couldn't resist trying out more stuff the last two days.

I've been told for years that a chambray shirt is a great neutral piece that many women need in their wardrobes, so I saw a tunic that I liked on the site and into my shopping basket it went. This might have been the piece I was most underwhelmed with, but I ended up loving it on:

This was me yesterday (Monday). I just paired the chambray top with black pants and my green Fluevogs and called it a day. I felt like a cool art teacher all day: my top was comfy, my shoes and watch were green, and my bun was towering.

Something funny happened while I was taking pictures. Baby Boots loves the flash of my camera and giggles delightedly every time a picture is taken. Yesterday, after she saw me set up the camera after a few pictures, she went to the door where I take my photos and posed! So of course I went and
stood next to her for and this is the result:

Don't know why she felt the need to lift her shirt, but maybe she's just showing me how to pose more creatively...

Monday night was a tough night, as my husband and I had a long conversation about all sorts of things and it was eye-opening and draining and tough and cathartic. So today I couldn't really think too much about what to put on, so I went with the ghost of an idea that I'd had while looking at my new clothes. Since I needed a pick-me-up, I was bolder than I otherwise would have been:

Forgive the face: I'm trying not to crack up as Baby Boots examines the camera

I got this cool dress in the blue color you see above and in cream with big navy polka dots. The dress is short on, as you can see, shorter than I'm generally comfortable with, and shorter than I'd expected. I asked my husband, who was half-asleep, if the dress was too short to teach in and he assured me it wasn't. And he was right - I didn't feel self-conscious when standing up...it was sitting that was the issue! Well, that and wrinkles. If I ever wear this dress at work again, it will definitely be in cooler weather, with leggings, so that I just feel more secure. This time I paired it with black tights and my tough black Fluevog booties. It was more rock n'roll in my mirror and my brain than what the camera is telling me, but I felt badass all day long and my ninth-grade female students loved the dress. The other cool features?



Exposed zipper, which I love!

Okay, I'm starting to catch more and more typos! Time to go to sleep!!

Chambray tunic: J. Crew Factory (online)
Black pants: Ralph Lauren, stolen from my mom, remixed
Green shoes: Fluevogs, remixed

Blue dress: J. Crew Factory (online)
Black tights: Gap (online), remixed
Black boots: Fluevogs, remixed


  1. Two good outfits, and I particularly love the dress one. Badass with punk trimmings is how I want to look all the time (but, alas, I can only pull it off irregularly, at least according to the mirror).

    (Thinking several decades into the future: can one still be badass at 70?)

  2. I am particularly loving that dress, but I feel you on the issues of sitting in a short skirt. I still haven't mastered it and I am a girl who likes to wear a lot of short skirts.

    And Baby Boots is cracking me up with her little tummy out. I don't think THAT is work appropriate, though. Just throwing that out there so you don't have to ask the hubby if you should buy a crop-top ;P

  3. Thanks, Sue! I also love badass with hints of punk, but I can barely pull it off. I'm sure one can still be badass in her 70s! It's all about the attitude and accessories, I bet...

    Oh, Cassy, the SITTING. I had a meeting with an individual (male) student in my office and I was constantly putting things on my lap so he wouldn't notice my hem creeping ever-higher... And Baby Boots is crazzzzzy with the posing...

  4. I never even bother to buy dresses/skirts that expose that much thigh anymore, because I know I'll just be self-conscious in them at work, and that's a waste of brain space. I don't know why the clothing makers are so insistent that we all wear short short dresses.

  5. I didn't know! It didn't look that short online! And the dresses are still cute, just... not as long as I would like...