Thursday, April 25, 2013

How I wore it: overboard?

Hi all! Today was another glorious day, made even better with some retail therapy (I got a big shipment from the J. Crew factory and I just bought some stuff for Baby Boots from the Gap), which I can barely afford, but whatevs - at least I'll look good going into debtors' prison (I kid, I kid).

The weather was again beautiful today and we had a bit of a special schedule at work, one that involved almost no teaching on my part, so I wanted to go a little more casual than I did yesterday. So I brought out my turquoise jeans that I love so much and haven't worn since the early fall, as, duh, bright turquoise. They seem to me a more warm-weather pant:

I decided to wear the jeans with black: my cool, embellished t-shirt [wow, that link seriously depressed me: remember when I used to look like that?!] and old black flats made the cut. Of course, being me, I went totally crazy with accessories and wore all turquoise jewelry, but what can ya do... 

Also, fun fact: my hair is (barely) long enough for a high, messy bun!

Ugh, so shiny. But smiling at Baby Boots!

It's true; one of the aspects I miss from having super-long hair was my ability to wear gravity-defying buns. Well, with patience, an elastic, and a baby alligator clip, I can kind of approximate my old look! 

On that note, let's talk haircare. I tend to avoid that topic because I barely can take care of my own locks, but I'm starting to give it the old college try. First off, my hair is pretty thick. I'm not kidding: when I make an appointment at my salon, the computer automatically pops up a note saying that I get extra time because it actually takes longer to cut my hair because of its thickness. Anyway, because I tend to oiliness, I used to really avoid conditioner, but I realize that without it, my hair is dry and tends to frizziness. So every other day (unless I go swimming or work out, neither of which has happened in, um, a while), I wash and condition my hair. And then I don't do much. No product, barely blow-dry it, etc... BORING. So I've been hearing a lot about Moroccan/argan oil and how it's amazing for every hair type, blah blah blah. While I'm always eager to try things, I'm pretty skeptical about panaceas such as this one, but while at the pharmacy, I decided to give a try to a Moroccan oil treatment (just went with this one at random). Well, I used it on my towel-dried hair on Tuesday night and just a couple of hours ago, and I might become a convert. My hair felt fantastic on Wednesday morning, soft and silky, but not oily. Even today, when it would usually tend to look oily or too dirty to keep down, it was totally manageable and I could've worn it down with no problem. I look forward to seeing how it feels tomorrow morning. 

What I liked about this product was that it made my hair soft and smooth, but not oily/shiny. So what happens on the days when my hair is a little oily and it's obvious? Well, I go the opposite route! I use this every once in a while to sort of dry out/texturize my hair and give it more of a matte look. Even though it's not a traditional hairspray, I spritzed it on this morning when I got my desired high bun in order to give it less sheen and to, um, get beachy hair. Which is what it's for. I very much enjoy it.

I know that this seems diametrically opposed (want shiny clean hair! Want beachy, salty texture!), but as my hair is kind of always in flux, I like having different products that do different things. Do you have any fun hair tips?

Black t-shirt: Gap, remixed
Turquoise jeans: Gap (online), remixed
Black flats: Me Too, by way of DSW, remixed


  1. I have the same shirt! And a pair of turquoise pants as well. Never thought of pairing them, will have to give it a try ...
    I have pretty thick hair, and I've found that Suave's keratin conditioner is pretty good at keeping my hair smooth and combating flyaways. They actually make two kinds of keratin conditioners, but one is better than the other, oddly enough.

  2. Psh, you still pretty much look like you used to. You just have the camera closer. Because you also look like 5 feet taller like you're a giant in the new pictures, hehe.

    My friend is really loving the LUSH beach spray, I haven't tried it yet. I have the Bumble and Bumble beach spray from Sephora and it is... ok. Not worth that much money.

  3. Carrie, I tend to pair turquoise with black almost always and I pretty much love it. I'd love to see your version! Hmmm, I'll have to look into Suave...

    Thanks, Cassie! My own beach spray I bought at CVS and I don't remember it being too expensive - especially since I use it very infrequently, so...