Sunday, April 28, 2013

How I wore it: new loot

I've been having a lovely weekend, folks. Yesterday, Saturday, we went to some friends for lunch and had dinner with a former colleague of mine - a professor in my alma mater whose first year was my last year there as a grad student. Since then we've been friends and correspondents and he's really trying to find me a job. In fact, my alma mater will be advertising for a Sanskrit lectureship in the fall, to start the school year 2014, and he's told me I'm his top choice, so he's given me hints to how to strengthen my sort of "advertising" as a potential hire, not necessarily for this job, but for more hard-core tenure-track jobs in the future. Anyway, it's given me a lot to think about and a lot to worry about (most notably, my lack of time to myself), but it was great to see him and my other friends earlier in the day.

I had gotten a 25% off discount from Gilt for the J. Crew Factory and my loot came in on Thursday. Yesterday I débuted the most casual item from the haul and paired it with my still-new light Old Navy jeans and my newest Fluevogs:

Please welcome my cat, Amalía, into the photo

Casual tunics for the win! I was drawn by the simplicity of this item and I'm glad it's in my life. I actually liked the whole look a lot, but I'll be the first to say that my badass 'vogs definitely look better with a darker pant than with this super-light wash. I can definitely see, though, this look with sandals or light summer shoes for a simple outfit in the next few months. 

And that's me! Today we had brunch with some former students of my husband who are each pursuing graduate school and it was lovely. A nap for all, and now Baby Boots is busy having her snack. A happy, quiet weekend.

Hope the return to the week isn't too terrible for y'all!

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