Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How I wore it: faculty luau

Today was another arctic day, folks. I swear, my body seems to be going into hibernation: it is NOT having this weather. And it's only going to get worse. Oh, I'm a ball of sunshine in the winter, I am.

Ironically enough, though, my husband's institute had a faculty and staff party today with a Hawaiian theme - because nothing says "Hawaii" like Boston in December ... right? Anyway, I decided to kind of make a big thing out of it and use it as an excuse to dress up a little - I even wore my contacts! I also really wanted to wear my Fluevogs, and well ... I really like how it all turned out:

Finally, FINALLY you get to see a decent action shot of my hair elastic with black rose that I've tried so hard to showcase here (only didn't) and here (super messy). See? Every once in a while I clean up nicely!

Anywho, I did like this outfit a whole lot and I was overjoyed to wear my 'Vogs out on the town - this was their first time venturing out of the Cambridge city limits! I was, for some reason, a little timid about how bright they were and wearing them in public (I don't know why I get so self-conscious - it's not like I'm going to be the victim of random violence because of disapproval toward my yellow boots, yet I can be super-timid about these things), but I think they really made the look. Especially since, being named after an operetta singer, they were the most appropriate shoes I have for visiting a music-based institute.

Also? I wasn't so bothered by them this time. I mean, yes, I was relieved to take them off when I got home, but for the first time, I also felt as if I could've gone several more rounds in them. Well played, yellow boots. Well played. I'm now actively trying to figure out when and how next to wear them. Any suggestions?

Charcoal sweater dress: Banana Republic, remixed
Grey tights: Gap, remixed
Yellow boots: John Fluevog, remixed


  1. You look great! Excellent ladyposing and I love that sweater dress. I have never, ever been able to rock a sweater dress, but you are showing me how it's done. And Yellow Boot Porn! Those are very, very SuperHero.

    I don't know if you've run into Sheila from Ephemera in your blog travels but she's wearing her wicked yellow boots today too--and I believe there's an ode to them. She's at:

  2. The gods were smiling when the picture was taken. I take no credit. Thanks very much for your kind words. I'm gonna go check out Sheila right now...

  3. Oh, what wicked boots! I remember coveting those in the Fluevog store in Seattle last year. How funny that we're both wearing yellow boots in the same day!

  4. Thank you! I checked out your blog last night and I love YOUR boots, too! They're so sassy! The funny thing is that when DM told me about your blog, the names didn't click, but I actually HAVE visited your blog quite often!

    As for wearing our yellow boots on the same day, isn't there something about great minds and thinking alike or something like that? :-)

  5. Haha! Is it too weird/fangirl that I'm delighted a) that you commented on my blog, and b) that you LIKE my BOOTS?! Yay!

    (And, thanks!)

  6. Cute! The yellow boots for a Hawaiian party - Love it! I feel the same way about the weather we're having, so have been trying to wear more brights to snap me out of the doldrums. (I'm pretty sure we're essentially neighbors; maybe we'll run into each other at Mr. Savas's shop - love that guy. Looks like he did a great job on your favorite gray boots, too!)

    What about playing off the yellow with a dark purple or teal dress or skirt or tights? Could be fun. :)

  7. Yay for being neighbors! Savas DID do a great job on my boots and I've been wearing them dreamily and happily.

    Thanks for the color suggestion - I actually have a fancy purple number that I could wear with the boots ... thoughts are reeling in my head!

    Finally, um, can we discuss today's temperatures? NOT COOL (metaphorically. Because literally it is quite cool).

  8. Oh, duh, right, there they are again! :)

    Mmmm...I would like this pair too!